Posted by: madamm | July 10, 2007

Harry Potter and the death by chocolate marshmallows

I have a problem.

It’s not a major problem more than it’s a bee in my bonnet. This lady says her (and I quote) Happy Clappy church says Harry Potter is bad for children, and asked if J.K.Rowling is a white witch. Furthermore, she explicitly asks commentators to be nice and by her own admission recognises the potential ludicracy of it all.

But what really gets me is the fact that she has never read or seen a single Harry Potter book or movie. How then, does she know how good and bad is distinguished, what the potential dangers of so-called dark magic is or, for that matter, what the heckHarry Potter is about at all? I can’t think for one second that you can debate a topic that you don’t understand or have never actually dealt with.

It’s a parenting issue, she says. Okay…so is it not a good idea to inform yourself and know what you’re dealing with before you decide your children should watch/read something or not? I don’t see this as a Happy Clappy issue ( by the way I have a  problem with the fact that the lady and some people who commented call themselves Happy Clappies, are you not setting yourself up for an intense amount of hostility/serious differences of opinion/attacks with this what I would call a type of self-stereotyping? If not, don’t cry if people are mean- there is no protection on the Internet.)

Anyway, it’s not my intention to be mean. If this is a parenting issue, you should read the books and decide for yourself what you think. Don’t allow other people to think for you.



  1. *sigh*


    They have to have something to complain about otherwise they don’t feel fulfilled!!

  2. Lemme just say this Mrs M. During the writing of the first book, JK Rowling’s CHURCH supported her financially… Yah. JK Rowling goes to church. Imagine that. And I so agree – she must make up your own mind!

  3. I’m telling you, religion…

  4. yes yes…LT, I don’t think she was complaining about anything more than she was showing that she believes everything her church says, even though she said she wasn’t and showing her ignorance by admitting to never even having read the books she spends a whole damn post on.
    I didn’t know JK Rowling’s church supported her, Gnome, I wonder if the happy clappies know that.
    Yes, Tobes, it is not often that I talk about religious topics, but her sister said she was getting all teary eyed when people were mean to her on her blog. Firstly, you have a blog, it’s not a journal you lock away in a wardrobe for nobody to see. Get with the programme- not everybody is happy clappy, faxsakes.

  5. You’ll find the devil everywhere you look for him

  6. agreed 100% with your statement!

  7. interesting observation there, louisa.Steven, who are you agreeing with?

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