Posted by: madamm | July 9, 2007

Beautiful Places

Franschoek, Caledon, Genadendal and Greyton…

Mumsy and Dad and I spent all of yesterday flying through sprawling hills en route to these beautiful little towns. The donkeys  were making out and the birds were chilling on sheep. They looked right at home. Tobes, I saw the VonGesau choccie place, but they were closed, as was the Pepper Tree restaurant and Elane’s Harberdashery.

Pretty little place though, Greyton… I won R20 at the Caledon Casino. R20, people…winners know when to stop!

I ate homemade bread at Dassiesfontein and watched the evening mist rise over the Steenbras Dam.

What a glorious and wonderful day…too bad I had to come back here today.



  1. Sounds lekker. I want to trawl little shops. Pity you missed out on the chocolate!

  2. Ja, but I got some at that Franschoek choccie shop, so all was not completely lost!

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