Posted by: madamm | July 6, 2007

Twinkle twinkle little star…wat de donner soek jy da?

I think there may be something worse than Gevrietboek, Tobes…

Yes. There’s definitely something worse. I’ll tell you what it is…*MrsM, by her own admission, feels bad*

For the purposes of steering clear of generalisations and not wanting to offend the likes of LT, who from what MrsM remembers can not be like this at all…I will explicitly use the word ‘some’. Yes.

Some first-time mothers can really get on my frazzled nerves. Some first-time mothers have been bragging about their tots for the past five months with such intensity that MrsM wants to hurl.

“Look here, Mrs M, she’s sleeping…”

“Look here, Mrs M, she’s reading a book”(yeah right)

“Look, look, Mrs M!! She’s wearing pink!!”

To make matters worse, mommy is a photographer, so a camera is like another part of her anatomy. But the ultimate, ultimate moment was when she sent me and some other people she targets an e-mail saying: Welcome to the Little Emily Club…as a member you will be receiving daily updates on Emily’s first smile/fart/zap sign/gasp/.

Firstly mommy…I didn’t ASK to be a part of the club!!!!! Admittedly Emily is very cute, but I’m the updates are getting on my nerves now…

Some first-time mommies are the pits!

PS. Please don’t be mad at me, I really like babies and I would love one at some point in my life, but you can’t impose unsolicited images of your child like this. It’s not cool. Especially if I hardly know you!!



  1. Ok, my previous reply disappeared so I’ll do another reply…

    Oh my soul – how seriously sad is that? It’s definitely worse than FB. I would die if someone had to do that to me. Die.

    I mean, c’mon, you didn’t sign up for the commitment of the kid so why should you be involved? And yes, updates constitutes being involved.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like kids and babies too but I like it even better when they go back to their mommies. I don’t care what they can do unless it’s 12 hours of uninterrupted silence. that’s cool for a kid.

    But other than that, I don’t want to know all that shit. It’s your baby and you enjoy it but DON’T FORCE IT ON OTHERS.
    Tell her to remove you. Tell her your inbox is full.

    Oh hell, tell her you’re suffering psychological trauma because your hubby isn’t here and baby talk makes you sad so she must please remove you…

  2. Oh no, I won’t tell her that.
    It’s her baby, and I’m sure the baby is very very important to her and I can’t do that to a first-time mommy. I also want a baby…someday…but only if by request will I send pics of the little cherub to people other than its grandparents, for example.
    Speaking of which, I have yet to see what LT’s little tot looks like…see…she’s not like that! but please, LT…send me a pic there…

  3. Whahahahahahahahaha
    BEST BLOG EVER!!!!!!!!

    Ok as you know I have never been a girly girl or even very oooo aaaa cutsie patootie!!! Doubt I ever will be too.

    The only pics I send is to nagging in laws and grand parents etc who jush nave to have the play by play!!!!
    I hate hearing all the baby stuff, to this day it drives me insane…

    The best is when they send you a pic and say aawww isn’t that the cutest and you have to hold yourself back from saying “Lady, your kid looks like a hairless rat!!!”

    So yeah I have a lot of pics, but it’s by request only!!! :p

    *phew* This made me laugh……….

  4. phew…mrsm feels a little better for having a go at mommies!

  5. If you think mommies can go a bit beserk with “look at my little angel” – stuff you can only thank your lucky stars that you have yet to experience the pride and obsession of a first time grandmother!

    It is rather amazing how they manage to relate EVERY SINGLE THING back to their gandbaby somehow – at times like this I start talking extensively about my cat. 😉

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