Posted by: madamm | July 6, 2007

At the end of the week

So while Toby is grappling with the not-so-cool-side of Gevrietboek, I’ve been speaking to my editor about my thesis.

He likes the ideas and the depth to which I’ve thought about matters is what he says. Well, mr president editor, we can all aspire, sir.

C is in an exceptionally good mood lately, sending me pics of cars he’s looking to buy. I like car-buying C, I want him to buy cars forever…he just seems in a happier place now that he’s looking at mileage, make, year, etc. He’s still in love with his older vintage classic. He’s still in love with me- his wife that is. He says so…all the time.

And now the weekend is upon me. I am seeing the Abster do a few belly moves tonight and I might hit the road to Greyton this weekend…




  1. Greyton??? Lekker!!! I love Greyton. It’s probably freezing there now but you MUST visit the chocolate shop on the corner of the main road. must, must, must. Von Gesau chocolates are befock!
    And there’s a great bookshop where you can get fab books for R30 or so.
    Oh, and the Lodge at the end of the main road makes the most fantastic chocolate dessert I have ever eaten in my life. Ever.
    Oh, and *Toby breathes deeply* there’s a market on a Saturday morning. A real market with stalls and everything; fresh produce, cakes/pastries/food, books, herbs, cheese, jams, pickled stuff…oh, I want to go too!

  2. Mrs M takes in all of Tobe’s suggestions (and deep breaths) and decides she is going to make a concerted effort to get some books and chocolate in Greyton.
    Mrs M is grateful to have a friend who has been in Greyton. Mrs M might very well go…

  3. You’ll have a great time. depends on who you’re going with though.

  4. Mumsy probably…C’s mos not here

  5. Oh then it will be great. There’s the Oak&Vigne which has great coffee and cookie type stuff. And they have the nicest strawberry jam ever. The bakery place in the main road has the best freshly baked bread ever tasted in my life. Get some of that too.
    *Toby notices she knows waaaaaaaaaayyy to much about food stuff in Greyton*

  6. mrsm notices that toby knows a whooooooooole lot about food in greyton…

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