Posted by: madamm | July 5, 2007

What to do when you’re alone

I can’t help it.

Someone found my blog with the search term:
What all am I entitled to when alone.

uuh…let’s see*:

1. Food. When alone you can order Debonairs and feast by yourself and watch SABC3 and chillax. All by yourself.

2.Singing in front of the mirror with a brush. Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton. You name it. It’s all yours.

3. Walking around in your birthday suit. Even if its running from the shower to your room. Or you can pose in front of the mirror if you want.

4. You can cry out loud. All you want. Like a little kid. No inhibited sobs to retain your dignity. You can wail all you want.

5. I find sitting in front of my computer while working on a thesis works best when I’m alone. But that’s just me.

6. You can look at your asshole in your birthday suit. But only if you’re alone.

7. You can bake all sorts of goodies and surprise anyone who is coming to steal away your aloneness.

8.You can write up your own will and give your second cousin your Jelly shoes from 1993.

9.You can make prank phonecalls, but only if you’re still in highschool.

10.You try to climb the wall in the toilet again to see if you can still make it to the top.

* MrsM neither confirms nor denies having tried any of this at home.She’s really tired of being alone already.



  1. I understand!!!!

    I’m preparing to be alone again for 7 months straight. I barely made it through being alone for 6 months with DW, (which was only 7 months ago)

    It’s really hard, especially when no one really understands, they can be sympathetic, but it’s not the same. Your mind starts to wander, and it gets worse and worse.

    Keep yourself as busy as possible!

  2. I agree. Business ( as in Busy-ness) is excellent.

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