Posted by: madamm | July 5, 2007

Blouhuis wil maan toe gaan…

Ruddy bloody hell.

I cannot stand my own indecision. Hand in thesis in September- graduate in December. Hand in thesis in November- graduate in March the next year.

The point is, I’m hoping actually to not be here anymore for either of those. Not that I want to miss my graduation purposely ( I mean, I attended both my previous ones and the BPhil one was 600 times more exciting than the B.A one) but that’s not the point. I don’t guess it matters when I hand in…I guess I would’ve liked the leeway between September and October, but the Postgraduate examination office is very strict with their dates and I’m not one to mess around with bureaucracy, you know.

A little background to this whole story: I handed in in November last year- for March graduation this year. I got feedback at the end of January this year (a month before my wedding) and it (graduation) was, to put it plainly, just not going to happen. I was distraught and upset and threw two tantrums and then I got over it and had a lovely wedding.

So this year, I’m being SUPER careful, taking into account all the factors about the timing, paying attention to important aspects, etc, etc. And let me put it to you this way: I get why it’s  harder than say, a BA essay on the political background in Shakespeare’s Othello. It really is tough. Not foregoing anything here, but I think I’m on track regarding the toughness of it all. Toughing it out, so to speak.

So November it’ll be. I may hand in before then, though. We’ll see. The point is, I have a whole life with a husband I adore, that’s being held hostage by a whole different timetable altogether.

Oh! *backhand to forehead* to lead a less complicated life!



  1. *gasp*

  2. and the astonishment stems from?

  3. Just all the trials and tribulations. It’s better than watching soapies!

  4. Hey I would put it in the sooner the better….

    You never know what immigration will expect of you and then…. I dunno I’m the cynical one… I always believe leaving something for a later date, allows more @#$@# to come into the picture.


    Dont I know it…but no, I always wanna play it safe.

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