Posted by: madamm | July 3, 2007

Imminent Fatigue

I see “people”.

They’re all over the place. Friendly ones, ugly ones, plain ones and loud ones. The “people” are having a conversation about holes in their t-shirts. And independence. And mullets.

They are hungry. I heard them say so. They lean in closer to gossip about something. Probably about that other woman-person who couldn’t speak softly when she told someone else she has some kind of STD. Or maybe they’re just talking about about The Wire’s pathetic snot-and-tears moment when Madiba spoke about Diana at her “memorial” concert. And how her cat ran away because she was so sad.

One “person” just asked to speak to Diana Ross.””I’m holding for Diana Ross,” says she of the alleged-STD-announcement over the phone. She should be so lucky. Seems everybody loves a Diana. Good thing it was one of the names they gave me at birth then…

But back to the “people”…they’re here but I’m not. I’ve reached a stage now where I am a mere observer to it all. I’m too tired to participate. I don’t even know how I got to work. Gnome’s mom once had a box full of inspirational little messages, and I’ve since taken one of those little cards really seriously (perhaps too seriously). It said:
Success comes to those who work hard while others sleep.

I doubt the “people” will understand. Right now, I could give a damn about the “people” anyway…



  1. My mom and her damn inspirational messages. This quote has been following you around for far too long Mrs M. YOU NEED TO SLEEP.

  2. Ja meisie, sleep is good and necessary!!!

  3. Gnome, I am SO canning for that comment…following me around for far too long indeed…it’s one of the quotes that always worked dammit! No doubt it’ll aid in this latest cause…but you guys are right…sleep is indeed good and necessary.
    I will go to bed at a decent hour today.

    Thanks guys. ‘preciate it!

  4. A good night’s rest always makes you see things in a different light!!!

  5. Yeah, less neon, I reckon

  6. LOL

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