Posted by: madamm | July 2, 2007

Pleasant Thoughts


I was talking along the lines of people who consider their morals and values in society as defining characteristics of  personality to H1. Referring to people with relative reverance for God or who do good,etc. Then H1 said something that’s stuck with me enough to write something about it. She said…”Uh huh…that’s just like you…”


Yes. When she said it, I carried on with my daily to-do’s and thought about it more and more until the thought of myself as a moral being, one who considers the existence and work of God and one who believes in the good of people became an increasingly pleasing one. It was not an unpleasant thought to begin with, but rather a strange comment from someone I’ve spoken to, maybe three of four times ever. H1 is an intern, you see. She’s the one with the furry rodent petlets I referred to in a previous post.

And finally, I concluded that I really liked what H1 had surmised about me. I don’t go to church often, and have little inclination to go religiously (pun intended). I think the summation had nothing to do with the church anyway, but rather that perhaps H1 simply thinks I am a good person.

A narcissistic but very pleasant thought indeed.



  1. mmm you a good person…..



  2. well, that’s what she said…
    *double smirk*

  3. nah she hit it on the head.!

  4. hee hee, it was a rather defenseless nail that,.

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