Posted by: madamm | June 29, 2007

To July

Here I am at the end of another (exhausting week).

And what a week it has been too…the end of June is finally here…and I’m still in South Africa, with no clue as to when I will be leaving to join my husband.

I didn’t think the end of June would come so soon. In fact, I thought I may have had some indication by now, at least of an interview date- but nothing. And this is not like the department of home affairs where I had to scream and shout and bitch and moan and be nice with the sole aim of getting my marriage certificate. No…the immigration process is like an over-extended chapter of the applicant’s life that he or she has no control over. On and on it goes, like a *Truworths Ladies’s Race- no end in sight just yet.

And like a Truworths Ladies Race, it’s exhausting but you focus on the here and now. What is right in front of you- today. And yet you can’t help but wonder how far it is to the end where you get to drink your Coca Cola and keep your free medal. And through it all, you shut up and perservere. And many will sympathise and ooh and aah about your miserable situation, while you just focus on coping with “being okay for now.”I think some things in life are purposefully harder than others. Waiting for the day I get to actually live with and see my husband has proven to be the most excruciating in my quarter-century existence, but I suppose like the Truworths Ladies Race, there will be reasons why it had to be so hard.

Had a long chat with Mumsy last night over dinner, about this and that. I’ve found that my mother is one of the wisest people I know and I really enjoy her company. I got home, caught the last half hour of desperate housewives (Poor Lynette!) and sat behind my computer ’til three this morning. Then I found myself reading three chapters on the shortcomings of the four theories of the press- those theories, my other journo friends will know, were drilled into our brains as the be all and end all of the structure of ideas in the media…like many theories (and indeed, people) they are fallible. Imagine that.

So here’s to July 2007…to all in the blogosphere, I would really appreciate your holding cyberthumbs for me that my application progresses considerably in the month to come…this is not an opportunity or job I’m waiting for…it’s my  right to live with my husband- the love of my life. The one I never see.

* I know to some 10 km is absolutely nothing, but that’s relative.



  1. Mrs M, totally holding cyberthumbs for you. All the time. Every day.

  2. Thank you Gnome…I really really appreciate that!

  3. I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh LT…it’s just so awful…:(

  5. Did you get my email on the forms and dates??

  6. ja. I just sent you a reply.

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