Posted by: madamm | June 28, 2007

What You Believe Depends on What You Are

Exhaustion has taken on an altogether new meaning for me of late. It’s sitting up with the thesis that’s doing it, but somehow I feel rewarded every day in knowing that I’ve stolen some of my sleep time to discuss media ethics in the context of blogging.

Please don’t frown. It really is rewarding. And I will be going at it like this until I complete it, because I can’t imagine anything worse than not giving this my best shot…then again being apart from my husband for another unknown amount of time is definitely worse than that.

Last night I sat thinking about this unique situation I find myself in. I am, as it were, neither here nor there. I’ve been waiting for the immigration process to speed up so that I can move, or at least know that a one way flight to the USA is imminent. My employees have asked time and again about my departure, granting the necessary patience and understanding for the process and separation from my husband. And I’ve been working on a thesis for the past year and a half. Dealing with it this way and that.

So, I thought: Quite possibly, this should give me a reason to be inconsolable. I should feel like my life is in limbo. Or something. But I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt “in limbo” before and it bothered me immensely, but maybe I’ve found a quieter, more in-control me in the mean time. A me whose nerves don’t get frazzled easily. A me who is able to put faith in that which is to come. I have my parents, sister and friends to thank for the greater part of the wellness in my wellbeing.


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