Posted by: madamm | June 28, 2007

The Moral Imperative

Amazing how the world of journalism ethics keeps rearing its (now extremely familiar) head at every opportunity. Not only do I slave away ’til the wee hours of the morning on the subject…

This afternoon some journalists are holding their monthly auction. The goodies they bid on are all freebies they received during the month. And the collection of stuff is almost always impressive- the money goes to charity.  A noble cause I tell you, a noble cause.I used to be a part of this group…until they rearranged certain sections at my job. Now I work more independently, granting me more space and a host of other freedoms I quite enjoy. My freebies don’t get added to theirs anymore, instead it is declared separately to my new editor and more often than not I get to keep it.

So now, they’re having an auction…and they have an array of truly lekker goodies…and I wondered, is it better to be in the position I am now, which grants me more independence and so on, as well as declaring and keeping my own goodies or is it better to share in the collective good that these auctions symbolise and get to walk away with some really cool stuff?

Somehow I don’t think I even have a choice in the matter… but those bottles of wine and techno-gadgets look sooo cool…sigh.


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