Posted by: madamm | June 27, 2007

Reverse Lights Go?

Someone please tell me how it is possible to drive forward with your reverse lights on?

I saw that on the N1 today and thought it was exceptionally weird.



  1. I agree it looks wierd … seems almost unnatural.

    Most likely is that there is a switch or a thingamummy that doesn’t work properly.

    Technical difficulty thing ….

  2. Hmm…it’s just crazy..

  3. what did you have for breakfast? 🙂

  4. one of my coloured lenses at the back was smashed for a bit…very spectacular when you break and the car behind you tries to get out of the way thinking you’re going to reverse…hehe.
    I had it fixed, so it’s not me…

  5. JoziJ- Coffee, hoekom?
    Louisa: Well, I doubt you were on your way to CT this morning anyway huh?

  6. Nope… I am completely innocent (this time).

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