Posted by: madamm | June 25, 2007

100% and more

This morning, as we drove to the airport to drop off my friend Jane (thanks so much for coming to see me!) and my sister and her boyfriend (who are spending one whole month in London, lucky buggers) we heard that for the next three days Cape Town would be expecting 100% rain and more…
It was pretty funny, considering 100% is the most you can get or expect for anything, but the sun was shining and we were complaining that we were too warmly dressed for today. Until about an hour ago…

Now it’s gale-force winds ambushing the poor little trees outside, a harbour with tugboats trying to stay on track on top of rather stormy looking waters and rain, rain and more rain. 100% of it that is.

I wish I could go home right now. I so desperately need sleep because I had the great “genuine suprise” on Saturday and worked yesterday. Also got some feedback on my thesis, and could spend some quality time working through that…

I didn’t get to talk to my husband this weekend, save for a few minutes on Saturday when all my friends were at my house. I really miss him and wish the waiting could be over now.



  1. Are the shacks still on the way to the airport?

  2. They are indeed! HAHAHA

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