Posted by: madamm | June 24, 2007

The Genuine Suprise

You see it on television. How they all jump up from behind the couch, or turn on the lights, after “pretending”to forget it was your birthday…just so they can suprise you.

You see the look of astonishment on the actor’s face and you wonder how difficult it must be to fake a look of genuine suprise when it’s all there in the script.

You watch a movie where a bunch of guys are trying to steal money from a casino (for the third time) where the most hi-tech security equipment weighs in on the winners’ emotional reactions to guage whether they are genuinely suprised.

And you don’t give it a second thought. Because suprises rarely happen to you, unless they’re rude awakenings.Unfortunately for me, I always kind of knew when something was coming…because I was just that type of gal.Suprises don’t happen to me. I’m too inquisitive, inquiring and questioning. No, suprises didn’t happen to me…until yesterday.

It was while I was crying buckets full of happy tears that I realised how genuinely overwhelmed I was. I had been to the movies, not suspecting a single thing. Not even for one second. Everybody had played along incredibly well. Exceptionally well. I had no clue. So when I walked into my house yesterday afternoon, I screeched in genuine suprise because I couldn’t believe what I saw.

On the couches, in our lounge. My friends. Some of whom I hadn’t seen since 2004. Some flew all the way from other parts of the country. And there they were, all my gorgeous, wonderful friends. They came to my house…to share a day (and night) of fun and memories with me. Just for me. And for the first time in my life, I was genuinely suprised. I didn’t know how to react. The script had not been written yet. The pupils of my eyes had probably dilated, my heart was about to burst through my chest. And all I could manage was: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

My friends. They had made me a memory chest. A treasure box. Full of stories, photographs,paraphernalia and memorabilia. Their memories of a time shared with me. I can’t describe how unbelievably special that was. Actually I am still in awe. Even as I sit here and write this. And I think back to the faces I saw. And how much they mean to me. Gnome wrote me a ringbound thesis on our friendship! Jane flew all the way from Jozi. Cara flew from East London,Bri wrote me a message in our graduation booklet and framed three of my and C’s wedding photos that Bri’s Beau took. The J-Meister brought me a photomemory and some jam, Mel and Tina got me a Wielie-Walie CD, Karen B (who was the cause of yet another yelp of elation!) was there in all her glory, I drank in Meags’ beautiful smile, Carryn’s infectious laughter, Abi’s growing tired of the Spartan’s theme song…but I didn’t want it to end. It was the best (and only) suprise party of my life and I have the phenomenal Toby Hanks to thank for it. Toby organised everything, from the memory box to the invitation to friends I hadn’t seen in forever. Between her, her partner,Mumsy and my sister, I can only describe yesterday as  the most  fantastic day I didn’t have a clue about of my life.

I am still in awe. I feel special. I feel loved. Toby Hanks is one amazingly special friend. Thank you for everything that you are to me dear Toby…I think I’m going to cry again…

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the memory box. I can’t believe I have a memory box! “Shrieking violet”memories, “make-my-own-actions-to-songs” memories, “school-day” memories, “growing up” memories, “speeding fine” memories, “graduation day” memories, “wedding day” memories, “journalism story” memories, “class dance” memories…

MrsM is one incredibly happy, fulfilled, fortunate, grateful and wonderfully suprised person today…thank you to everybody for yesterday. I love you all very much.



  1. What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!!

    You lucky lucky GAL

  2. It was incredible LT. Just genuinely incredible!

  3. Like they say in the L’Oreal ad: Because you’re worth it. Or is that the garnier ad? Ai jirrie, can’t even get that right!

  4. I think its Garnier- It could be LÓreal though… the one with sjp in it. hee hee~!

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