Posted by: madamm | June 22, 2007

To Me

My birthday was lovely.

Not lovely in the thank-you-for-my-daisies-and-chocolate way. Lovely because all day I felt exceptionally fortunate to be surrounded by people whom I really value. Not that I’m not surrounded by them most of the time, but you know how you get on birthday, or well I mean, at least that’s how I get.

My friend Carin arranged with another lovely woman I know to take me for champagne and desert in The Towers of the Arabella Sheraton. Not only did I welcome the awesome view of Cape Town and the now-conquered Lion’s Head, I sat there in awe as I was served strawberry pannacotta and champagne feeling lightyears away from my job.

A beautiful chocolate-with-marzipan-and -cherry-liquer -nd white -chocolate-roll cake was brought out and I nearly yelped with  delight, it was so beautiful!! Thank you to my husband for my gorgeous red roses and all the other lovely goedjies!

I feel fortunate, nay privileged…I had fun. I laughed, I cried, I mocked. My gin and tonics were awesome. The conversation even better.

To me. Cheers!



  1. mmm yum,

    Glad you had a GREAT day!!!!

    Pass some gin & tonic my way!!

  2. Happy Birthday LT!!!
    Hopefully I’ll be able to visit you before the end of the year!

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