Posted by: madamm | June 21, 2007

Gaan Kleintjie…dis jou verjaarsdag…

It was the techno version of “Happy Birthday to You” in an e-card that got me going. Complete with conducting teddy bear doing cartwheels in a party hat. Thanks Uncle Vinnie and Aunty Nellie!

Veels geluk liewe maatjie…the maatjie being moi!I am a self-confessed BIRTHDAY person. It’s a big deal to me. Really big. And so I’d like to thank everyone who is making/made this day  special. Including my parents, for their kind wishes, amazing love and kwaai gifts! To my sister for helping me look pwetty today. To Pampoentjie Guevarra for her kind wishes and request for help on a project requiring first-hand knowledge of World War Two. To Carryntjie for her lovely gift and funny message on a post-it. To Vania for her e-mail and Gnome for her message. To Tobes for her kind wishes and preparation last night for the birthday song!!

To my husband for his lovely phonecall in the wee hours of the North American morning. Happy Birthday also to my mom-in-law, MrsM senior!! Thank you everybody for the sms’s, also the one from someone I no longer speak to. I appreciate the kind thoughts and words.

Thank you to my job for publishing birthday wishes to me! Hmm…I can’t say I am especially frightened of being 25 now. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s TWENTY-FIVE. Smack bang in the middle of…your twenties. And I love it!

But wait…there’s the phone now…



  1. Oooooh meisie! I want a birthday toooooo!!!

  2. Well, I can always organise. Choose a date.But make it so in December when a person doesn’t have to work.

  3. That I can certainly do!

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