Posted by: madamm | June 19, 2007


Tobes sparked a question I wanted to ask out loud…

This will count for you especially if you’re in a relationship, or married like me. If someone came onto your man…I mean, flirted openly (not that your loving darling solicited this inappropriate behaviour at all, women are just bitches people like that) what would you do?

Slap the ho woman silly or stew silently, retaining the dignity and control in the situation? Ooh, I’d stick a pointy boot somewhere and pull some hair….grrrr



  1. Oooh girl, you do not want to get me started on this one now again…!

  2. well, my man got a wedding proposal from an ex a couple of weeks ago… i’m madder at him for not telling me than at her for being so desperately single @ 30.

    i guess it all depends on how he handles the flirting – if there was any reason for her to think he’s available, the pointy boot would go up his ass.

  3. But then how did you find out if he didn’t tell you? Girl, what kinda woman proposes to an ex when he’s WITH SOMEONE ELSE???! I hope you get a chance to bitchslap her.

  4. JOZIJ, that HO NEEDS A BITCH SLAP!!! You’re right, if he gave her any indication that he was in the market, oooh, I’d twist some testes!!
    But most of all, a wedding proposal to an unavailable man is like hanging your biological clock on the great big wall of life and shouting: Please anyone, time’s running out!

  5. We should start a service that hands out bitch slaps to those who need it. That way we retain dignity and the bitch gets it.

  6. Bitch ‘n Slap. We deliver ém hard and fast.

  7. I wouldn’t be bothered at all…seriously.
    If i need to be worried about every chick that bats her eyelashes at him then she’s welcome to have the alley cat herself.

  8. I have to agree with Louisa. I have a theory that married men (and women, for that matter) are easier to flirt with, because it’s a reasonably safe bet that nothing will actually happen. It’s a bit like teasing the dog behind the fence.

  9. Not, I hasten to add, that this is something I necessarily approve of, but I have seen the phenomenon in action often enough.

  10. Hmm…well it’s one thing to not be worried, but a lot of people I know (married or not) are “territorial” like that. The thought just makes me want to throw something- your theory makes sense, kyk, but its still inappropriate. VERY.

  11. What if the fence breaks and the dog is loose?

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