Posted by: madamm | June 18, 2007

I wasn’t fannying about


I have two months. Two months to complete my thesis!! OMG. I feel a panic attack coming on. AAAAARGH!



  1. Eet a tjoklit. It help altyd.

  2. or popcorn

  3. No, popcorn doesn’t release endorphins.

  4. ja, only farts!

  5. Popcorn’s GREAT though. Especially when you get one of those seaonings – barbeque or cheese and chives. Yum.

  6. No, no. Nothing can beat chocolate. Ever. Chocolate is the best thing ever invented in the history of the world!!!!!

  7. guys….the thesis deadline looms and its not chocolate covered aaaargh!!

  8. *Toby ponders the dilemma of a thesis not covered in chocolate*

  9. *MrsM ponders this dilemma too and decides that maybe a chocolate-covered thesis is not such a good thing

  10. *Toby ponders the merit of being able to lick one’s thesis (if it had chocolate on it) if one falls asleep on it while writing/editing.*

  11. *MrsM decides that Toby’s pondering would earn her pages and pages of delight, even in her sleep

  12. *Toby ponders the benefits of sleeping with chocolate on skin*

  13. *MrsM benefits from all ponderings with Nosh in hand. A chocolate bed, chocolate sheets (somehow chocolate sheet doesn’t sound right)

  14. *Gnome ponders whether all this pondering is doing any good and reaches for a chocolate muffin*

  15. *Toby swallows chocolate covered nuts while pondering how fast chocolate sheets would melt and considers having a chocolate muffin, as Gnome is, for breakfast.*

  16. you guys, I’m having a ponderous fit of giggles with all this pondering!!

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