Posted by: madamm | June 15, 2007

quizzery misery

Today is one of those-don’t-come-too-close-I’m gonna-dash-you-days.
Seems Mary from that other post is a little arrogant. Or so they say.I really need chocolate right now. And a big sombrero with salad, Louisa. So, thanks Toby, for saving me the wretched effort of having to come up with something annoying to say today. I am PISSED OFF. So here’s a quiz (thanks Tobes)

 1.If you could change your name what would you change it to? Diana

2.If you invented a cocktail, what would you name it?  The Guzzlit

3.You have 10 minutes to save things from your burning house. What do you save? My car keys, bag, photo+memory box

4.Kiefer Sutherland or Keanu Reeves? Keanu

5.Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts? Reese

6.The thing you hate most about your life is… the fact that I have to deal with nitwits for a living.

7.Jelly Tots or Smarties? Smarties!!

8.You’re addicted to …Really nice food.

9.Your idea of romance? When he’s spontaneous and takes me to secret places.

10.What’s the one thing about you people would be surprised about if they found out?  I can’t do my own hair…but that;’s not a secret.

11.What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to anyone? I hate you.

12.Would you rather die suddenly or have time to say goodbye? Suddenly

13.What do you want written on your gravestone?Remember to Live

14.Have you ever physically attacked someone? Yes .

15.If God came down to Earth what would S/He look like? It doesn’t matter.

16.Insurance…is necessary

17.What’s the best book you ever read? Daar’s baie 

18.Hairy chests on men are …fucking gross

19.If you had five things you could do before you die, what would it be? Live with my husband, visit the East, learn to scuba dive, write something awesome, eat all the choccies in the world.

20.Five people you’d invite to dinner (at the same table) are: Julie Andrews, Jerry Bruckheimer,Aristotle, Thabo Mbeki and Oprah 

21.What kind of toothpaste do you use? Aquafresh

22.You secretly want to …quit and live on fresh air. 

23.Popcorn or crisps? Popcorn

24.Guns are …okay, when handled properly. Im frightened of them though.

25.What do you think of these quizzes? I can never resist.Dammit.  



  1. You can’t do your own hair? *Toby gasps in shock at this startling secret*

  2. Tobes, I hope that gasp was not for real…come on…

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