Posted by: madamm | June 15, 2007

Daddy…you know how much I love you

“I wanna have your babies, get serious like maybe…”

It’s accompanied with a goofy giggle,  and I don’t guess Natasha Bedingfield saw that coming. I doubt she-of-the-cellulite-buns ever thought her hit would be translated to “Slaan my baba nog ‘n keer”(lyrics, which in today’s awful world has taken on a new meaning altogether)

But no, they are all courtesy of my wonderful father. Who’s already passed 50. Singing about babies and getting serious like maybe. Gnome wrote an awesome post about her dad and it’s inspired me to write something about Daddy as Father’s Day approaches.

Look, I don’t know about your own father, but my dad is the coolest dad ever. Not only does he manufacture his own jokes, he’s proud to share them too. Never a dull moment in our home. He’s the sing-in-the-shower type. An incredibly cheerful morning person. Daddy doesn’t like the gym. The last time he went, they said he needed to apply for a new card because his expired. But Daddy likes having friends over and they almost always end up singing tunes by the Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel.

Daddy doesn’t like it when Mumsy plays ghostbusters with the neighbours dogs, but he’s always the first to come and call us when she popped a firecracker somewhere in the back of our own yard to shut them up.

Daddy holds Mumsy’s hand in the mall. And he’s really really good at giving advice about anything. Daddy has an interesting family and everybody in his entire life that he’s ever met has a nickname. Ask Gnome. Nobody gets past him. They include Grigri,Bromkind,Moonballoon,Giembie and Oupa Jieks.

He likes to translate songs and when we were in highschool he’d sing along to the pounding lyrics of Beyonce’s The shoes on my feet, I bought it, the car I’m driving, I bought it, the house I live in, I bought it…cos I depend on me…All the ladies, who’re independent…throw your hands up at me…
(of course he was the only one of us who could actually say that all of those things were true at the time!)

When he was little he knocked over the postman with his mom’s car and ran away to hide under his bed. Nothing happened to the guy cept a sprained ankle, but because Daddy ran away he got ses vannie beste from the judge.

Daddy is supercool. He was the first person who bought me super absorbent pads (though he was completely grossed out) and I told him about my first kiss too. He does get mad from time to time, but that’s extremely rare. He still yells “Yesssss” when he throws the sweetie wrappers straight into the trashcan from afar and he’s crazy about loooooooong road trips to Namibia.

He and Mumsy are still as inlove as ever and tell each other everything. At the moment, he’s going through a gorgeous shirt phase, which sees him wearing new shirts with pink and brown stripes in them or yellow ones with a lime tie, he says.

Fashionable, funny, fun, fantastic father.He’s a wonderful person and I feel so fortunate to call him Dad.



  1. This is incredibly beautiful. Ek huil soema.

  2. oe ja girl…die trane kô closerer en closerer…

  3. What a great post. I dig your dad too Mrs M. This had me laughing.
    He’s fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter 🙂

  4. Yoh. ‘n Man mekee’ tissues.

  5. Gnome, your dad is awesome awesome with his welcoming smile and welcome hugs!! Ja tobes…sniff sniff

  6. What a great post and what a great dad you have,. You are indeed blessed. Then again, so is your dad for having you as a child.

    Ah, the beautiful two way street of life!



  7. Thanks Laurie!!

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