Posted by: madamm | June 12, 2007

Exceptions, exceptions

Hmm…I need a scenario to explain this one.

Let’s see…Mary works in a call centre. Every day she deals with people who have various enquiries and complaints and so on.In order for Mary to resolve these adequately, she needs all her clients to send her an e-mail or fax so that she can file their complaint and mark them as they are being processed and get resolved. It is a tidy system and works well, provided everything is on file for her to retrieve if anything comes up. A written enquiry from clients is therefore central to the whole system.

So what would you do if you were Mary and your boss person who never says hello and walks around the office like the Marquis de Sade asks you to check out an enquiry he has? Do you make an exception or do you insist that he sends that e-mail or fax?

I think that if she chooses the latter, Mary is rather quite principled. Or will it count against Mary?



  1. Mary is quite right to insist he send the fax/email just as everyone else does. How else is the thing supposed to work. You don’t mess with the system Mr BossMan. You just don’t mess with the system.
    Besides, what makes him think he can get special treatment aside from the fact that he sounds like a doos (not greeting and so on)?

  2. It appears however, that the Boss person was trying to be nice for the first time in Mary’s entire time with the company- when he needed something. But to Mary, he is just another one of them…no exceptions

  3. No exceptions! It could be a test… 🙂
    In fact she should enforce procedure extra painfully…hahaha!

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