Posted by: madamm | June 12, 2007

Do me a favour

My weblog has replaced flowery pink journals for a few months now. But not in the same way. It requires a form of self-censorship, which is something I am sure all fellow bloggers will understand. This censorship comes in the form of wanting to minimize harm to others (which in a sense, negates the purpose of a blog) and you write things about yourself on here, which many who know you would never have known. Convictions. Irritations.Happiness.

Life.Blogs. Just very recently I was going through a bit of a patch and said something about going through a patch on my blog, but that was it. I didn’t allude to a single specific thing that was causing the “patch”. I just said- shitty time/miserable and thanks to Tobes for taking care of me. That was it.

I’ve since found that people have wondered what was up. Was I was dying/my husband dying/did I have Aids/lost my job (prematurely)/taking drugs/something wrong with my parents?/did my sister lose a limb?/did the R400 fine catch up with me/my visa postponed?/my university registration cancelled?

A random list, that one. I cannot confirm any of them. I don’t feel the need to share any more than that. But what I DO want to share is the following:

 If you wonder what is wrong with someone and you are genuinely concerned about them, try asking the actual person. It might just work.

For now,I’m really doing well.



  1. I say chocolate for president. Ja!

  2. PS I love the opinion thing.

  3. YAY for chocolate!
    I SO want Chocolate, (re Opinion):someone said that once- I think it was madonna

  4. Madonna rocks. Seriously, that woman has more balls than most men I know.

  5. And face paste

  6. Men wear face paste? (I just wrote faste pace before fixing it)

  7. ja they wear faste pace!

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