Posted by: madamm | June 6, 2007

Speckled Eggs

Toby came up with the idea of trying to figure out why people use expressions or words that are not English (when speaking English) and where they may have originated from. I’m going to compile a short list to ponder…

1. Ag (pronounced ugh).  It’s an Afrikaans expression and generally means “oh” and is used as a general expression of dismissal. Example: know he’s just being a doos.

2. Doos. (pronounced duwis) Is also an Afrikaans word referring specifically to a box. A derogatory connotation also exists. Example: At Stuttafords Van Lines, they almost always tend to use a doos.

3. Oh my actual. (pronounced in staccato syllables). Is an English expression used in place of the more blasphemous version and is a general expression of disbelief. Example: Oh. My. Actual…I can’t believe Home Affairs gave me my marriage certificate.

4. Ciao. (you know how to pronounce it dammit!). There’s a guy in my office who uses this word with varying inflections before he puts the phone down. It’s Italian, if I’m not mistaken. And it sounds phony, regardless of who’s saying it. Example: Okay, thanks mr Burns, see you later, ciao. (gag)

5. Linzubu vi jou! (pronounced, okay I’m deleting the pronounced parts from now on) I think the first word might be Xhosa or Zulu, but it’s a term used to warn someone that kak is coming. Example: Ek het mos vi jou gesê om die kind uit te los. Linzubu vi jou!

6. Basta. No, not the rapper who thinks he can rhyme. This is an Afrikaans word that means to stop something immediately. It is usually a command. Given by your grandmother. When you’re arguing over a game of Mappy. Example: Basta soe raas!

7.No way,Jose: I’m guessing it’s Spanish. It means a refusal to Spanish people. Just like whatever,Trevor means a dismissal of British people. Or Geez Louise means someone named Louise gave a really loud fart in front of a whole lot of people and had the unfortunate coincidence of having her name rhyme with the expression “geez”.

8.Okey Dokey: I think these were the same people who agreed to doing the Hokey Pokey.

9.Opening up a can of worms: To say you had a shower to prevent getting HIV.

10.I’ll be there now-now. I’ve never understood this expression- does it mean you’ll be here NOW or a little after NOW? In ‘n japtrap werk ook nie. Wie wil nou vir jap trap om by jou uit te kom? Wie de hel is jap?



  1. Brilliant!!! I can definitely not top this Mrs M. What about eksie perfeksie? Or koebaai merrai?

  2. eksie perfeksie: when your ex tries to act like he was perfect before you broke up
    koebaai meraai: leaving someone guessing.

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  4. Oooh, ciao makes me gag too. Basta means the same in Italian too, I wonder where it originated?

    Of course there’s the completely inexplicable “Ja-Nee.” I never did get that one. Also finished and klaar….

    Hehe, great post 🙂

  5. Oh, and “yes ja!”.

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