Posted by: madamm | June 6, 2007

More about Maddy

There have been a various reactions to the story of Madeleine McCann. The one possibility I have not thought about is Suzanne Robinson’s summary:

She writes on a previous post:

I have read the recent circumstances of the missing six-year old Maddy McCann from the seaport village in Portugal. As an older woman, a mother of two and grandmother of five, a babysitter since I was nine years old, with a certificate in Human Services, working on a Behavior Science Degree, along with an Anthropology minor: I believe that the parents of Maddy were on vacation in their minds when they careless left their children to sleep alone, even for one minute. They were chancing the worst, and however Maddy left the room is truly their responsibility.

My true opinion of what has occurred is that Maddy got scared when she was left alone. When she woke to find that Mom and Dad were gone, she went out the door to look for them. She walked a ways and got lost. She kept walking. I do not know how close she was to the water, however, my feeling is that she entered the sea, which ended in her demise.

My prayers are for the soul of this beautiful little girl. The parents need to be prosecuted for their negligent behavior. This is a crime that they are trying to pass off onto the police in Portugal for “not acting fast enough” to catch the “abductor.”



  1. Yoh, hectic. Never thought about that either. Shows you the power of the media, hey. All the reports warned parents of the Boogeyman when in fact, what Suzanne says, could well be the truth.
    Plus the parents are also running a very slick, smooth media campaign, I think. Could this be the reason why?

  2. All I’m wondering is if they’ve searched the seas…

  3. Is it even possible to do that after all this time?

  4. I have no idea, but I doubt that if someone were to prove the possibility of it having happened, they wouldn’t.

  5. I think that little girl is gone forever. BUT remember how people back then thought Natasha Kampusch was gone forever? Perhaps in 13 years she’ll be found or something. There is always hope, it seems.

  6. Yes, there is. Pandora has also revealed this.

  7. […] sein könnte, bitte gehen Sie zur Polizei", sagte Gerry McCann an der Seite seiner Frau Kate bei einer Pressekonferenz in Berlin . Er rief deutsche Portugal-Touristen auf, ihre Urlaubsfotos […]

  8. she wa 3 when she went missing and is now 4. please try to stay positive

  9. Their daughter dissapeared while they were getting shitfaced …

  10. Are you totally stupid Suzanne? As if the little girl would walk into the sea at night. Obviously you have a low intellect. The shutters and windows had been jimmied open and obviously, very obviously this baby girl was abducted by evil predators. There is no way a little girl would go out the door and into the ocean and drown when obviously there would be lights etc which would attract her to them say at the restaurant or reception. How could you even say That is my opinion. Have you not heard of paedophiles. They would have been watching the resort and saw three children, thinking that kidnapping at least one would be relatively easy if they continued to watch the parents movements. People like you stress others out, i don’t care how many children you have babysat, you are not in the real world. I feel desparately sad for these parents,. They should not be criticised for making the silly mistake of leaving the children asleep as they will be punished for the rest of their lives if they don’t get their little girl back. That is punishment enough and plenty if they do not find her. It will be like a death sentence and an ache in their heart that never leaves. Like a walking death. And to try to be happy in front of their twins would and will be an endless battle. Obviously, you suzanne cant empathise with them as you have suffered no such similar fate but my heart grieves for the mistake they made of not hiring a nanny. Who gives any of us the right to judge them. We can think they were negligent in leaving the children unattended but I’m sure every day is a reminder to them

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