Posted by: madamm | June 3, 2007

May the WAN be with you

The beginning of my journalistic career is etched in my memory as a time when we talked about it. We quoted it. We discussed it ad infinitum. We couldn’t wait ’til it said something new. Or different. Or anything for that matter. Now it is HERE.

WAN. Not Wham. WAN. The WORLD ASSOCIATION OF NEWSPAPERS. The people who likened broadsheet newspapers to dinosaurs (Ed: I stand corrected on that one). The association with the mosiation. The Dumbledore’s of the world’s newspaper schools. The people who know their press freedom from a gun pressed to the head. More than 20 000 publications worldwide are associated with it. Why do I care? Because WAN is like, so awesome. And they’ve decided to host their 2007 conference in the Mother City. I’ve heard my colleagues say it’s like Haley’s Comet. This will never again happen in our lifetime.Not in Cape Town anyway.

We are in awe of WAN. We want WAN to be wowed. We will welcome WAN.

Because of WAN our entire news office got an e-mail asking us to clean up our desks. As in, if-you-have-a-problem-with-your-neighbour’s-mess-tell-us. We will keep ourselves clean. No more spinach feta pies on those lunch breaks in front of your computer. No more popcorn breaks. It’s going to cause crumbs. We will make WAN stare in wonderment. We have several large hurricane vases (the type they use at 21’sts) with lilies, baby’s breath, roses and daisies in it. Daisies. In a newspaper office. Neat newspaper stacks. Neat printer paper stacks. IN A NEWSPAPER OFFICE. As an abiding citizen of the WWW (we-wuv-WAN)-group, I will do my bit to help in this glorious endeavour.
I will be getting a new outfit for every day, just in case a WAN member comes to say hi.
I will get my hair did for the occasion.
I will bake Hertzogies and cook Snoeksmoortjies for hungry WANNERS.
I will hand out pamphlets proclaiming my personal ideas about the newspaper revolution.
I will not tell the WAN about the idiots readers I sometimes have to deal with.
I will not tell WAN about the office politics.
I will  go and read up on some of WAN’s amazing work as well as a few carefully selected quotes so as to prepare myself for any potential conversation I might have to have, while on my way to the loo, for example.
I am in the process of organising a little journalistic choir who will join me in a melody of celebration for WAN.
I will not tell the WAN that the little kitchen we have on the stairway side of this revolutionary new office used to be for people of colour.
I will do my best to make the WAN feel comfortable, it is my journalistic, nay, Capetonian duty.




  1. I am TobyWANHanobi…

  2. LOL!

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