Posted by: madamm | June 1, 2007

What to Do?

This has been a week of weird shit.

A colleague of mine sighed, a little exasperated, by the happenings in the world of news. He’s been covering the assassination of Yuri “the Russian”Ulianitski and it seems to be taking its toll on him.

No less than three school kids died this week (I’m sure there are more), one just hacked to death with an axe. I saw the “murderers” on tv last night and my heart just broke to see how tiny they actually are. 
Die kinders moet gedonner word,” one of my colleagues said the other day. I know I got a hiding from teachers until I was in the third grade or something. And then it all stopped.

It is true that abuse breeds abuse. Many studies have shown this. So it has become commonplace for kids to see older people moering one another in the house, outside the house, anywhere and for them to copy it, thinking nothing of using an axe.

When I was little, our domestic help had a huge tiff with the neighbours’ help, over a guy if I recall correctly. There we were in the street, myself and my four year old sister watching them. One with a carving knife and the other with a huge pot of boiling water. I kid you not.

Nothing happened to us, but the entire experience was so frightening, I still remember it almost twenty years later. Help has to start with the parents. What the hell happened to manners and respect?! Tik, among other things, is what happened to it. And poverty. The injustice of it all. Resulting in jealously. I want what you want. And if you won’t give it and respect me, I”ll bash your head in. It’s no use using nice big words on the road to recovery. People want jobs and they wanted it yesterday. The lady who cursed female genitalia sitting next to a trashcan in Cape Town yesterday…she really wants help…and a job.

Everything is just so…broken, don’t you think? I never claimed to have any answers but maybe I can be part of the healing process. I’m looking for a way to start… 



  1. It is so overwhelming when we look at the intense brokenness of the world around us. I know it’s cliche but so true: if everyone just did their little bit… The whole starfish, “it mattered to that one” story comes to mind. We can’t all be Mother Theresa. And honestly I don’t think we’re meant to. You were placed where you are to do your bit there. I think. Maybe I’m just tryna ease my own conscience…

  2. I am doing a little bit, I think…but yeah…why do I feel like I might be able to do more…if only I wasn’t so..busy?

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