Posted by: madamm | June 1, 2007

The Perfect Plan

1 June.

Look this used to be the time of year that I was literally sitting around counting down the days. I made no secret of it, my birthday has always been big to me. So, there’s 20 days left. 20 days to remind people to get a huf tiga so they can sms me on my birthday. I told you, I unashamedly and unabashedly make no secret of it, that’s just how its always been, you know?

On my 20th birthday I had a dinner at my house and went out with friends afterward. I also weighed 40kg’s back then.

21 was a big do. No, it wasn’t the town hall, it was a golf academy restaurant place. And I still weighed 40kg’s, everyone who sees the pics say I look like an onion on a broomstick. ‘Cept Mumsy who still looks at those pics rather wistfully

22 was alright as far as 22nd bdays go. It was spent with classmates in Dunkeld West,Johannesburg. With a adrenaline rush of a prelude, lots of bitching and eating out, laughing and rolling of eyes.

When I turned 23 I went on a wine tour with varsity buddies. It was really awesome, considering none of us had a car and we made it all the way to Strand where we drank more wine on the beach (in the shadows of the trees) and ate pizza. Oh, I also climbed Stellenbosch mountain that night and got bit on the ass by a rooimier or something.

Last year I spent a fantastic day with my then fiance (now husband) who had flown to SA specially so he can be here with me. We ate out, went shopping, handpicked flowers and had lotsa wine…it was really really awesome.

Now I’m 25. I know my husband won’t be able to make it but the possibility is very very good that this will be the last bday I spend in SA for a loooongish time. Still trying to come up with the perfect plan…



  1. You know it is going to be one of the best ever. We won’t let you down, dear friend. Die paatie gan mal ruk girl. Ok, maybe not that but it will certainly be one to remember – we’ll make sure of that!

  2. oooh, don’t make me giddy guhrl!!

  3. Jy wiet mos. We won’t let you down. Os gan to the left to the left, as you said, en soema to the right to the right oek.

  4. I can’t wait. Everything I own in a box to the left-consider it done already.

  5. LOL…it’s so refreshing to meet someone who’s not afraid of birthdays. My old roommate from school has a 21st every year. It’s quite funny, because she’s had 8 now and still no one has given her the dreaded 21-key thing. I’m thinking this might just be her lucky year?

    My best ever bash was on 26. 34 hour party-thon at my house with about 50 people attending parts of it and a handfull of dedicated ones who made it right through from beginning to end. Good times…*sigh*

  6. I have not yet reached the age where I am afraid of birthday. Good heavens, does that HAPPEN?
    a 34 hour bash? Lekker…I think I’ll have been there for part of it. I’ve never been a bittereinder, know wha im sayin?

  7. I do know – yip. I myself missed a few hours in between. 😉
    But I did catch the most of it and I was definitely there at the beginning and the end (which were both fantastic).

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