Posted by: madamm | May 31, 2007

All in day’s work

The point of blogging, is sometimes, just like real life, to gossip.

But really, I didn’t know that Sharon Stone tried to bribe the Oscar panel of judges with watches.

I also didn’t know that Madel from 7de Laan has a open relationship.

I didn’t know that Matrone and Hilda from 7de laan are gay.

I didn’t realise Niknaks can make your fanfan smell funny.

I didn’t know Aaron Spelling didn’t want Hunter Tylo to be in Melrose Place cos she was pregnant.

I didn’t know someone in my office has a lovechild.

But hey, you know…it’s all just gossip.



  1. If you are going to lie on somebody, at least get your information stright on Sharon Stone.

  2. if you’re going to parttake at least have the scruples to realise that it could all be lies.

  3. and I don’t recall lying ON somebody since that would entail being a telltale which is not the case with this post.

  4. Ha, ha. This made my day. Mrs M strIGHT information is obviously very important. Please lie on her in the best way possible. *rolling on the floor with laughter*

  5. I can’t decide which position is best.
    *rolling next to you while LYING down*

  6. LYING down while rolling is indeed a good position.

  7. it is, homie

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