Posted by: madamm | May 30, 2007

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success:

1x*Have a fit.
100xTake notes (like Toby says).
1000x don’t give up no matter how frustrating.
2xCall the supervisor.
8xcall and badger them til they know you by your voice.
2xWrite a letter to the minister(e-mail works better).
100xBe very clear about what your problem is.
1xBe nice (somewhere in between all of this).

Mix well. Be calculated with the attitude you’re taking on any particular day.And then, when you expect it the least, someone in a small little office in Bellville will call you and say:
“Hi MrsM, thank you for your patience, your unabridged marriage certificate is ready for collection.”

See Tobes, all’s well that ends well for both of us.
*Key ingredient: Moerse stress



  1. Oh fabulous – I want some of that cake. Finally, jirrie, they certainly took long enough!!! I’m very happy for you MrsM since your thing is infinitely more important than my insurance issues. Lekka, here’s to Amrerikwa!!!

  2. I’m just glad this part of it is over.

  3. Fantastic news! Well, this is certainly turning out to be a great day. 🙂
    Congratulations MrsM!

  4. Thanks Louisa!!

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