Posted by: madamm | May 30, 2007

Cleanliness is next to not feeling like you want to vomit

What’s with all the clean people?

Look,someone even died because he was so obsessed with being clean. Last night, Oprah had a woman who wouldn’t touch her children or husband if they weren’t clean.

I understand this type of thing is in fact, a disorder (according to my Psy 301 texbook citing the DSM IV of which disorders like OCD is in fact one), but it’s really one of those bizarre ones. A looong time ago there was a guy like this guy who refused to go out anywhere, because he was scared he’d get a disease.

Carte Blanche interviewed him. And raai wat? He ate out with Ruda and the gang. I tell you, a free meal goes a long way! Like all the disorders listed on the DSM IV, I too thought I displayed unusual anxiety about some things, but realised after a while, that its all relative and if you’re studying psychology you’re more than likely going to end up thinking you are schizophrenic at some point. I could find no occurrences in my (self-diagnosed) childhood that would manifest itself in the form of a disorder.

But one thing I am quite obsessive about is washing my hands. It all started in the ninth grade when mrs Aston explained about the gazillions and gazillions of little e.coli (mostly harmless, but still) sitting on your hands every day.Since then, I have seen the light and am quite obsessive about the following:

Washing hands thoroughly before going to the loo
Washing hands throughly after going to the loo
Washing hands thoroughly before touching anything I’m going to put in my mouth and then applying anti-bacterial sanitizer (if I have some available)
Refusing to eat anything if I touched a stop street pole/button on a traffic light/rubber side of an escalator/buttons in the lift/the toilet door at work
Opening the toilet door with  a tissue after I’ve washed my hands

That’s not obsessive is it? I mean, if you asked me for a drink of my water, I’d happily hand it over. The ULTIMATE gross thing is putting the back of a pen in your mouth that belongs to someone else. Then again, birds have shat on my head before…



  1. Um…of course you’re not obsessive…*clearing throat*

  2. better get a glass of water for that throat there Tobes

  3. Definitely NOT obsessive Mrs M. Escalator is the worst for me. Have to gag when people touch the rubber side and then use that same hand to eat something. Grim! Heard there is everything from e.coli to sperm – yes you read right – SPERM – on escalator railings. Used to get grossed out by computers at varsity – HOW many people use those public computers. And who knows what they’ve been doing. YUCK.

  4. SPERM ON ESCALATOR RAILINGS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. that sperm from spitting or from ah never mind…

  6. Oh heavens Gnome, I think I’m going to go and take an obsessive shower now. Aaaargh. But I don’t touch railings either. Ever. Even fell a few times because of it. And falling on the dirty stairs next to the elevator is just as bad…

  7. from what? the idea is absolutely inconceivable (pun completely intended)

  8. Well I guess some guys do what they gotta do and then go to the mall without washing their hands 🙂 You get all types Mrs M.

  9. I dunno. You have to be completely messed up to do that though. Sies!!!

  10. eeeeeeeeeeuw!

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