Posted by: madamm | May 29, 2007

Not ready to make nice

what do you when someone in really close proximity to you insists on humming hymns?

I have several ideas.
I could tell him to stop it. But then, that would be an infringement of his rights. But isn’t being exposed to these hymns an infringement of my rights?

I could just sit and bear it. I’m tired of bearing shit. Just yesterday I kakked someone out who butted into a conversation I was having with someone else.

I could send him an e-mail to tell him it’s disturbing. I doubt that would help much.

Plus he’s an older (really devout Muslim) guy. I don’t want to be disrespectful.

I just put earphones in my ears and turned the volume up really loudly. Crowded House is a good choice, I reckon



  1. If you have a radio on with something else playing (softly – like backround music) he might find it difficult to focus on his song instead?

    or you could sing along , and change the words?

  2. OR you could sing Christian hymns really loudly? Ok, that would be unnecessarily unnecessary. Or just mention to him that you can’t concentrate if he does it, in a nice tone of course.

  3. ooh. I can’t sing along Louisa, they’re Muslim prayer hymns.
    i don’t think what a friend we have in Jesus is going to cut it in THIS office.

    I am tolerant. I will listen to my ipod. klaar

  4. Will you at least sing along to your iPod? (This is the reason why i can’t be let out in public with earphones on – I love to sing along) 🙂

    What are you listening to anyway?

  5. crowded house,gwen stefani, marc cohn,dixie chicks,vanessa hudgens,TI,bill withers,the supremes…all singalong stuff.
    ek hou my in by die werk, but let rip in my car ( i mean i sing along-let rip…:)

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