Posted by: madamm | May 29, 2007

Neither here nor there

Today is just one of those days man.

Several bees in my bonnet but nothing that disturbs me enough to write about it. Then again, does something have to be excruciatingly annoying for me to blog about it? No, but there’s nothing to be ecstatic about either. But I was reading something somewhere about weighing up the positives and negatives of one’s job (don’t you do that with all your probs?) and I haven’t done that yet- even though I’m leaving anyway- I’m a sucker for quizzes and anything that will help me understand myself better (yes, I need help in the quiz department, I can’t resist them!)

So let’s see…
Positive stuff:
Not completely unreasonable salary
Flexible hours (still requires 8 hours a day though nobody seems to give a damn when I’m coming or going)
Freedom to publish mostly what I want
My line of work is relatively popular among readers (well, what are all these damn handwritten letters, faxes and e-mails doing here then?!)
People know they can’t really fuck mess around with getting me the answers I need
I get to be a bitch with reason
It’s rewarding nice to help people

Negative shit:
Like my friend Jane says, somewhere out there someone my age is getting a better deal than me
Parking can and should be greatly improved
I can do this shit from my house
This line of work can seriously get me down sometimes
I have to deal with people who are tired of masturbating, so they write to me instead
Can I have a PA already?!
Office politics is annoying; I really don’t need it

The shit evens out. Dammit.


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