Posted by: madamm | May 28, 2007

When things are a little destructive…

I spent the majority of my weekend doing constructive things.

On Friday I typed away at the chapters of the thesis-to-be-continued. On Saturday morning, I posted some things to the States, spent about an hour in Woolies and an afternoon with friends in front of the fireplace. I quite enjoyed this part of the day.

Yesterday, I washed my car. But wait, there’s more. I vacuumed the inside of it too. And polished it. And waxed the outside of my car!
I even had enough energy to bake a…Chocolate Cake! I am extremely impressed with myself right now. The cake was perfect…see it’s all about the timing (and please don’t forget to sieve through the icing sugar!)…and then I hosted a tea party, complete with tea, Coca Cola, droëwors and Simba Puffs for my family. I felt really really good about my cake-baking deed for the day.

So, my constructive weekend was indeed spent rather fruitfully. But I couldn’t help noticing something a little..destructive. On Saturday afternoon, at my friend Em’s house. Another friend of ours was there, on her cellphone for about 80% of the time. Either on Mxit, sms’ing or talking on the phone itself.

Now call me what you want, but if it’s one thing I am quite clear on, it’s manners. And I couldn’t help but grow increasingly irritated with her as she sat there, her phone always close by, going off every five seconds. It was really  annoying and just plain bad manners. Unfortunately, there is no other way to put it. If you want to visit someone, visit them for them, and not for a place to sit and background conversation to your cellphone escapades. I don’t care who it was. It’s anti-social and a rude display of your disregard for other people.



  1. I HATE it when people are busy on their phones in restaurants/social gatherings/dinner, etc. It is the rudest thing you can do apart from telling the person you’re with ‘hey, you’re boring; my phone is more interesting’, to their faces. If you’re doing it and you’re a kid you should be taught manners; if you’re an adult: get a life.

  2. Like, seriously

  3. Or get a girlfriend. Like in the axe ad.

  4. even better idea…

  5. Ironic for one who loved reading books & magazines when visiting my house including other’s. I guess those days are gone & taught you a lesson. Now you know how we felt. 🙂

  6. we all have to grow up at some point. And what do you mean, you guess those days are gone? We were kids when I did that. Some of us get to grow up at some point, which is a relief.

  7. Did Mrs M do that? Never! Ok, when you’re a kid I guess nobody’s conversation is that scintillating plus: reading is a good distraction; smsing is not.

  8. ja, but they always complained about my reading when they wanted to play!
    die magazines was mos lekker om te lees!

  9. Slim mense lees alles. Your young brain was probably starved for more intelligent stimulation. En kyk hoe slim is jy nou Mrs M. Is ja meisie.

  10. well ja. My cousins and sister will never forget it, that’s for sure though!

  11. I’m sure they did other stuff to get your panties in a twist. Is hulle oek op MXit?

  12. I know my sister tends to visit Mxit a lot. I doubt slickchick does though…

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