Posted by: madamm | May 28, 2007


I believe there are reasons for everything that we do. Our motivation for our actions or words may be unconscious, but that they exist is unquestionable.

I spent two whole hours on the phone this morning, trying to get hold of someone at Home Affairs. The switchboard operator, Nokuvula, knew my voice very very well at the end of the entire ordeal. The point is, I need my marriage certificate. When C and I applied and payed for two of them in March, we were promised 6 to 8 weeks. Those weeks came and went, and eventually I ended up going to Home Affairs myself to ask what the hell had happened to it.

Turns out they needed a copy of the original marriage register we signed on the day we got married. No problem, I got that from the minister in 3 minutes. I tried to call Home Affairs, nobody picked up the phone. Eventually I drove there, raised all hell and handed over the marriage register copy. “Sorry, this will take two weeks or so, ” they said.

I nearly had a fit, but left them all in one piece. C calls me this weekend with the news that the status of our case has changed from processing to pending. In other words (or to my mind, anyway), someone has looked at our application and had two minutes to spare to let us know that they have. “Additional documentation will be required,” the notice reads.

And what may that be?Our MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, of course. The one I don’t have after almost three months. So I spent two hours on the phone this morning because my American husband is pissed off with our department of home affairs, and say what you want about American people who have so much to say about SA, but he has a right to be pissed off. Because I am absolutely livid! If they don’t hurry up, Home Affairs will be to blame for a delay in our process. If they don’t hurry up, Home Affairs will be the reason why C and I are at it again.

So, mrs Storm from Home Affairs. I gave you all my information this morning. And even though you informed me that you have severe abdominal pain, I hope you managed to do something about my case before you had to go to the doctor.

This shit is getting ridiculous.



  1. Oooohhh…I see a serious case of FukkitSAisBad coming on. You should phone constantly until they get gatvol. But good luck!

  2. I intend to and thanks!

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