Posted by: madamm | May 25, 2007

The Little One is Gone

 I think I’ve finally solved one of our neighborhood’s greatest mysteries…this morning.

We have neighbours. Diagonally opposite our house. They’re Taiwanese, but that’s not the point because we have Greek people right next to us. The point is, they( the Taiwanese) have new dogs every three months or so. No, I’m serious. They had a Dalmation a year ago. Then he disappeared. (we noticed, cos he’s a Dalmation, you know?) Then all of a sudden, they had a labrador and really annoying poodle. By summertime, they too, had mysteriously disappeared.

This year, they went all out and had something like seven or eight dogs all at once (it was difficult to count). But I know there were some German Shepherds (at least two) and Huskies involved. And the one other dog I do remember is the little one. I don’t know what kind of dog he is, but when he showed up, he was like two days old.

Anyway, the little one didn’t grow much in the time that he’s come to irritate Mumsy. Pooing in the garden, scratching out the potplants, running into her bedroom with his mates and catching a nap right in front of our door. My dad called him a rat, because dogs are supposed to grow and this one, well…he was slow in that department.

Anyway, we didn’t particularly have affection for these dogs, but there was never any malicious intent. They were just annoying and always barking and running around in the streets like they own it. But they had lasted longer than the others (five months already) and so we grew to ‘knowing’ them, you know?

As I stepped out, the road was quiet. I had just gotten to my car, when I saw it. The little one. All of him. Sprawled across the tar road. His mouth slightly open. Blood all around. He was dead. And his friends were howling and mourning and barking (at me, I suspect). But there was nothing I could do. Maybe all of them had gone like that, I just never saw it. But someone had killed the little one.

And somehow, even though he was an annoying little creature, I felt really sad. And he wasn’t even mine.



  1. Shame man. But…what I want to know is what happened to the other dogs?

  2. Maybe they died that way too.
    You don’t understand, they were ALWAYS in the street. Unattended, just doin their thang (annoying other people).
    But some people in my house strongly suspect these dogs were had for dinner. A GROSS stereotype but we don;t know what the hell happened to them

  3. Confession: I also thought there may have been some dining…


  5. Oh I’m so ashamed. I admit I suspect the same thing, Petru and Toby, but I want to believe that that women with her 1 and 2 year old (whose husband makes appearances now and then) don’t eat doggies.
    Actually thinking about it now…I really am feeling quite sad about the little one’s death.

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