Posted by: madamm | May 24, 2007

Pancake Night gone wrong

Is it possible to OD on pancakes?

It must be, because I spent the worst half of a bitterly freezing cold night on my knees in the toilet. Vomitting.

I’m no regular when it comes to this kind of forceful expulsion, but I really had no choice. I went to bed and about two hours later, I started feeling queasy. Like “wake up”queasy. Like, moaning and tossing and turning queasy. But I knew I had to assist mother nature, because the emesis was not going to happen voluntarily. And so I did it. I stuck my finger down there and got out the pancakes I’d been feasting on earlier. I was sad about that, they were lovely pancakes…but they had to go.

But now today, even though I slept all right after that, I’m not feeling too hot. I don’t want to eat anything hectic, but I’m hungry. So I tried toast with cheese. Still hungry. Carribean Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Lays. Still feel a void. Flake and Fanta Grape. Almost there…
Quick, I need to know…is there something wrong with me, or is this my cold from last week returning with full force?



  1. Could be a cold, could be nerves, stress and frustration (you’ve got a lotta food on that plate ya know)…

  2. I do have a lot of food on this plate don’t I?
    Please, don’t let it be burnout or something hectic like that.
    Just gaining momentum again you know?

  3. Well you have to chuck some stuff from the plate. It’s all about priorities.

  4. what will it be???
    um…less time at work?

  5. If you’ve been getting rid of pancakes you might have chucked alongside it some elctrolites too. Replenish with the help of energade (not powerade – energade – this is important)…I recommend the red, slighly purple, blue, or dark orange coloured ones. Oh what the heck…have one of each if you feel like it.

    If you are also dehidrated have only one sip at a time initially roughly 5 minutes apart, until you feel better. then upgrade to two and so on.

    Hope this helps? 🙂

  6. I’ll go and get an energade after work and sip as instructed.
    FANKS Louisa

  7. You’re welcome – hope you feel better soon!

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