Posted by: madamm | May 24, 2007

Bring it On

A laid-back hassle-free life.
She wasn’t asking for much, but MrsM already knew it was too much. She wishes her life could be a little more predictable. Like the outcome of a medical detectives story or something. Alas, it is not to be. She must face it all, and someday when she won’t realise it, it’ll all become clear why. And even then, she’ll ask: “But why?”

MrsM notices her car’s license needs to be renewed. She makes a mental note to get it done very very soon. But when she finally gets round to it, she learns of the system they call ENaTIS. Jeff Radebe’s gone and turned her world upside down, and four hours and five cents later, MrsM is the one who has to dry up her beloved Beanie’s  (whom she sent on this arduous task) tears. MrsM also has a R400 speeding fine she’d like to get rid of. But she is not going to pay it yet because “Eish, Not available Today, I’m Sorry”( ENaTIS- from Die Burger)

MrsM wants to take out a book to read for leisure. She used to be a loyal patron of the local library(before she earned money to buy books) and still (amazingly) has her card in her purse. After two days, the library calls her to ask her to come in. “We haven’t updated this account in four years, MrsM.” they say (rather reprimandingly). Thus MrsM now has a new library card for books she’ll never read.

The department of home affairs is promising changes. Radical changes, they say(again). Faster delivery of ID books and what not, they say (again). In this time, it just so happens that MrsM is the one applying for a new ID book, a new passport and two unabridged marriage certificates. Now the question: If they’re changing the system, are they going to take my before-the-new-system-applications along with it?
I believe miracles have happened before.

MrsM wants to finish her masters degree. As she embarks on the final round of this endeavour, her supervisor decides to leave the university. In return, she gets a brand spanking new one with magnificent new ideas.

MrsM is emigrating to the Yoonited States. Well, at least she hopes someone out there knows she is. While all of this is going on, the US decides they need to base immigration more on skills and not family relations. Of course, MrsM is a very skilled person, and she’s not worried about that, but the main reason she is emigrating is to be with her husband. And now MrsM is anticipating delays, because the Yoonited States is very adamant about their laws and everything. 

But still, MrsM hopes for the best. So, bring it on.


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