Posted by: madamm | May 23, 2007

Just blowing off some steam

Dear Madams and Sirs of the World,

Hi. It’s me. There’s only one of me. Working here. And yet you very predictably, always refer to me in plural. As if there are many, many more of me around here. When really, there’s only me.

I have two bachelor degrees. I’m working on a masters. All of them in more or less the same field of study. And it had absolutely nothing to do with administration. Yes, I had bits of psychology in my first degree, but that wasn’t my major. Neither was moronism. I didn’t learn how to deal with people who have lived past their expected age and have nothing better to do other than bother me. I didn’t do courses in marketing and I am nobody’s personal slave.

So don’t you DARE call me to “keep me warm”. Don’t you EVER write my editor a letter because I didn’t write a story about your stupid car. Get a new one. And while you’re at it, get a life as well. Because your dumb ass will not realise that your sorry ass story is boring and that nobody wants to read it. Your ignorant mind does not realise that I am not the government or an ombudsman. There are lots of people out there with similiar problems. And guess what? Nobody (except them!) give a fuck.

So bite me. No, really. Eat shit.




  1. Quite a nice day you’re having there, hey Mrs M.

  2. Superb

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