Posted by: madamm | May 22, 2007

The beautiful people

*cue Twinsaver’s ad from eons ago*
Here, there…you know where…forget me not…”

Toby and I were talking about celebrities who are so multi-talented, that they are the faces and voices of South Africa’s broadcasting sector. I mean, there’s nobody else to do the job, because the only way you can get in, is  if you were ms. South Africa in 1992  or someone discovered that your fradio-face  is actually not that bad.

I wonder what the viewer ratings would show, if Pasella and Top Billing used ordinary people with pimples who know nothing about rounding their vowels? Or someone who actually said what they thought about Ramone’s “eclectic piece of stencil art.”  “Nou wanne wêk jy dan? ” and “Don’t these velour cushions get wet in the winter?”

It’s all about beauty and a passion for beautiful things, the directors will say. Sure, because a six-bedroom house at the coast is way above reach for the average South African. And so it is lovely to dream. And we can dream through these people who look nothing like us, speak as if they’re from the Romantic period and dress like Zara Philips and co.
“It’s about aspiration,” they will say. We need it as much as we do a lung infection.



  1. Fradio face! Brilliant Mrs M.

  2. you won’t believe me if i tell you that was actually accidental

  3. Oh no, take it back. Don’t burst the bubble of illusion. I’ll imagine it was planned…nope, now I have to find out it’s as fake as Jeannie D’s smile and Soli Philander’s enthusiasm…

  4. HEY! No-one can waddle like Soli did Timothy!

  5. OMG, wait. Was HE Timothy Traddle? You’re shitting me.

  6. Then again, it could be all about showing that death isn’t so bad after all.

  7. You may just have a point, kyk. Because then we’ll never have to aspire

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