Posted by: madamm | May 22, 2007

Prepare for the worst,hope for the best

I don’t care which way you look at it, life is and will always remain unpredictable.
There are no answers for a “good”day. Or a bad one. The best thing is to just accept whatever happens. Simple enough? I didn’t think so either.

Take yesterday. I woke up with a song in my heart. Went to the bank, checked on my investments and all looked sound. I nearly knocked over a guy, but he smiled, so I didn’t feel bad like that woman in the McCain ad.

I came to work and for the first hour all seemed well. But after that, everything around me was irritating. E-mails from the US Embassy were irritating, e-mails from other people were irritating and I forgot my password to two sites I have access to. Trust me to use the other combination when I really needed to know what was going on. So the access is now locked and I need to make a few calls. Dandy.

I saw that my library books were late (again) so I wrote them an e-mail because I couldn’t remember the password to my library account. And I still haven’t gotten round to writing a letter for the R400 speeding fine.

So when I woke up today, I predicted some more of the same bullshit and duly prepared myself for it in the way of treating myself to a decent morning at home. I got up, made myself a bacon and egg sandwich and coffee and sat down with the newspaper. I read it from back to front, enjoying the piece on how the Bulls stole the cup from the Sharks like thieves in the night (it did kinda happen like that didn’t it?). Oh and the reference to Luke Watson as “Luke Witseun.” Witty.

Then I checked that my i-pod was fully charged up. No radio for me today, just fresh sounds of my choice. Got dressed and even had time for some make-up and drove to work. Savoring every moment. Because I knew once I entered the building, it would all be over.

So aside from the motoring editor basically dislocating my ankle that caused a sharp screech causing everyone to stare look at me, people were smiling at me today. People I don’t know. (must be the make-up) and then as I limped to my desk, I saw a tall bunch of pink (!!!!)roses on my desk. It was from a friend saying thank you for the ride home.

And I opened my e-mail. And my husband is in an exceptionally jovial mood today, and my heart is singing and well…what a day. And it’s only 10:30. Small mercies, people, small mercies.



  1. wonderbaar! Enjoy it MrsM. In such freezing conditions you have to make the best of everything!

  2. That’s what a person was mos thinking!

  3. please tell me why, i’m feeling . Corrina Eudora.

  4. they’ll have you suicidal suicida. Eka Kolour.

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