Posted by: madamm | May 21, 2007


Following on Tertia’s blog, I just wanted to say that C and I have had intense debates about the spider.

You know which one. The one who climbed the water spout and got washed out by the rain. Yes, that one. C says he’s an “itsy bitsy spider…” to which I vehemently retorted that he most certainly is not. He’s “eency weency” isn’t he?



  1. It’s definitely eency weency!!!

  2. I KNOW!!!

  3. there’s nothing itsy bitsy or eency weency about them! I hate freakin spiders

  4. but this one got washed out by rain!! he’s a go getter, cos he climbed up the spout again, you know batman!

  5. But now it’s raining buckets and trucks. Must confess I want the spider washed away…

  6. ag shame man. He’s only eency weency…moeder…(smooching sounds)

  7. with hairy legs and a big ass. and white eggs. gross.

  8. gee thanks Toby, now we all have a really pretty picture in our heads.

  9. You’re welcome. I’ve succeeded in my job as a writer…

  10. please don’t talk about the white eggs. I’ve seen those, really really close by before.
    UGH. Now it’s not cute anymore!!

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