Posted by: madamm | May 21, 2007

I could be hurtful, I could be purple (MIKA)

 What irritates you? And what makes life bearable?

Let’s see, I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Easily (and almost unbiasedly) described as the most beautiful city on Earth (I have yet to see British Columbia in Canada or the East, so I can’t be too biased) but that makes things alright to begin with.

I get irritated by constant whining. For some people it’s a way of life, for others it’s needed to vent every now and then, and some just actually never think of sharing their complaints with others. Believe me, if you did what I do for a living, you’d get pretty tired of it super fast. And I guess, in that case, I am the exception to this point.

The initial debate about the longevity/existence/baggage of the Afrikaans language used to be interesting. Now I find it annoying, and I think I know why as well. We need a fresh perspective. Things do go stale after a while.

I like Cadbury’s new ‘local’ flavours- Neopolitan being my favorite.

Opposition in a democracy is healthy. And when are those people who fear for their lives going to die?

Cartoonists should get a special award for irritating the annoyingly-stiff-upper-lip citizens among us. I refer explicitly to cartoonists and not comedians, who, apart from a precious few, think insulting people every time they open their mouths is funny.

I used to think the media was overrated. I also used to think Paternoster and Pakistan was in driving distance of one another.

Thank goodness for the 80’s, hands down, this was the best musical decade of the last millennium.

Some journalists really think exceptionally highly of themselves. When I asked one for an interview re his opinion on something ( he was one of 15 people)  he wrote: “Baie het al oor my probeer skryf, maar dis moeilik om my filosofie te verduidelik…waarom terug kyk na gister of verwagtinge koester vir môre…”
I had to tell him gently that the interview was not about him.

Insig didn’t deserve to die.

Lost is boring.

MIKA is excellent. So is Queen.



  1. Who is this journalist? Puhleez! And I agree with the Afrikaans debate. Get over yourselves taalvegters and stop the navel-gazing. And I love cartoonists. I wish I could draw…

  2. I know. I also wanna draw…
    ja, that journo thinks he’s the bee’s knees!!

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