Posted by: madamm | May 18, 2007

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

24,91 years old.

I never used to be one of those people who added on the 1/2 when people asked how old I was. Age is exceptionally relative. Some days I feel 15 and other days I do believe I experience the breakthroughs of a 40 year old. SO I was doing this test in which it was confirmed that I was indeed born on a Monday (I had to call Mumsy to check) She said: “You were one month late already, I had given up on you the Sunday before…”
It has also just been established that I am 299 months old. Sweet Moses.

Even more interesting are the characteristics that go with this particular date of birth.

I think far with vision- Prince William (who undoubtedly will share the exact same personality) is a loser. I knew that long ago, what with being his time twin and all

I am easily influenced by kindness- This is very true.If you are nice to me, no matter how much your reputation precedes you, I tend to smile back.

I am hesitating-well if the free lessons offered to learn how to ride a Vespa are any indication, then yes.

Tends to delay- Mumsy confirmed. Nuff said.

Choosy and always wants the best-Well…yes. I am choosy. I’m choosy about smells when I tend to eat. I cannot stand unkempt toenails. I don’t like Easter eggs with holes in them. I don’t particularly enjoy joyless friends. And if I can, I want a window seat and a whole row to  myself (which was the case with my last international flight)

Temperamental- I won’t argue with that.

Funny and humourous- haha. Imagine that.

Good debating skills- Out of practice. The last (official)debate I won was in 1998 Rapportryers competition. Topic: Die voortbestaan van Afrikaans.
I’ve been the champion of several other debates since- especially if it has to do with blogs.

Talkative- I get this from Mumsy.

Knows how to make friends- Funny that. I don’t think I know how and admittedly I am not the most eager beaver around when it comes to meeting people. A little self-absorbed maybe- I think it’s called preoccupation.

Easily hurt- Sometimes too easily.

Prone to getting colds-Geeziz, is this thing like Daantjie Dinamiet?

Loves to dress up- yes, but my brown boots are scuffed and Im not buying new ones. Even if I did get a R10 000 increase on my credit limit- clothes will be the end of me.

Brand conscious- I assume it means that I can tell you the difference between a Ferrari Maranello and a Lamborghini Gallardo cos I don’t do brands like that. Well, not really.

Executive- I’m rewriting my job description right now!

Those who love me are enemies- I will use my ability to think far with vision to explain this one. Tests like these so often remind me of those horoscopes I never read. I take it the people I choose to surround myself with are not venomous because I have had enough of those for one whole entire lifetime, nevermind 24,91 years.
But let me find out…just let me even suspect…

Writing people off also comes very easily to choosy little me.



  1. yes, but how to overcome this.

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