Posted by: madamm | May 17, 2007

Fred Chew(ne)d Me,duh

Fred Khumalo asked me to ask ms. Dolly (my primary school teacher) for my money back because I can’t read.He said it here. When I wrote that he wasn’t fooling anybody by acting like he doesn’t read his own newspaper by saying he doesn’t know what a blog is here .

He replied saying that he said he didn’t know how to use a blog and that he hasn’t had to until David Bullard started the “hullabaloo.” And then he said I should ask ms. Dolly about that money and oh…wait. Then he said “duh” because that’s mos the one word I am going to understand as a blogger.

*Clearing throat* It was at this point that I had to go and check what the “hullabaloo”was about now and now, dear reader, I want you to use your primary school education and tell me what you think Khumalo is saying when he says:

“Worst of all, I didn’t really know what a blog was. I knew it had something to do with cyberspace.”

“I wouldn’t have recognised a blog even if it hit me in the face. “

(Source: ST 13/05) Oh, and you’ve done very well in the blogosphere already Fred. But when you underestimate the value and potential of something (like the blogosphere) you can make the odd slip, which when you come to grips with the now more familiar terrain will show that you’ll still have to check your facts (even if they are  from your very own column) before you post something, even if it’s just a comment.

Nobody’s gonna be around to warn you. And that’s just tough.
Tough like a toffie. Like you being chewe(ne)d right now.The blogosphere is not run like a weekly. Duh



  1. […] Fred joins the fray One would think the Sunday Times has sent it’s columnists out with this statement: Go and piss people off in the blogosphere. If you can’t piss them off royally in the way David did, irk them a little with infantile comments. No doubt the whole point of him doing this  on MrsM’s blog is to get feedback and write about it in his column, as esteemed colleague Bullard did. And I’m no doubt fuelling his wish to highlight how flighty and airless blogs are by posting about it. But what Fred seriously miscalculated is the fact there are people out there who thinks. I would say I’m a prolific reader with above-average intelligence. I read three newspapers a day, four on a Friday and six over the weekend. I think that’s a lot. So when Fred implies what he has in MrsM’s blog, he implies I misunderstood too. And to this I take exception. Be controversial, yes, but don’t insult the intelligence of those reading you. Don’t make stupid statements to get a rise out of people (as David did two weeks ago) when you can do the same with a sharply written piece (as you do in your ST column). I don’t know why you feel the need to attack people who point out basic flaws (methinks those ministers and Khanyi Mbau would be pointing fingers right about now) in your argument. That’s just the way the blogosphere works – what you put out will come back to you. So Mr Khumalo, what have you to say for yourself? And read Mrs M’s response here. […]

  2. Right on Mrs M. The brother has got to get with it.

  3. ja. You don’t have some more Sugus Chewies by any chance, do you?

  4. All out. Only mint lumps.

  5. That’ll do for now. A lump by any other name…

  6. eish, i think i’m playing in the wrong league. you guys at psl are big hitters. i’ll go back to mvelaphanda. bye… won’t ever hear from me. except in print.

  7. I look forward to reading from you…

  8. well, as you guys suspected, fred khumalo has started a blog.

  9. Cannot find server Freddy.

  10., soreee!

  11. This one doesn’t seem to be working either…

  12. its (without the comma)

  13. Aaaahhhh…

  14. oooooh

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