Posted by: madamm | May 17, 2007

Bongo the Blister

Apart from people selling things you don’t need door to door, blisters are the most unwelcome, inconsiderate imposters I can think of.
I am hosting my guest right at this very moment. He arrived yesterday. Stealthily.I didn’t think he’d show up. I thought he’d assume dealing with a cough from hell, headaches and snot is enough chaos for me and leave me alone ’til September or something. But nooo…Bongo pitched with his familiar tingling, itching sensation. And he was a sly one this time. He started out with something that looked oddly like two microscopic pimples on my lip and he nestled himself neatly in a spot he has never previously occupied. In the left corner of my bottom lip. He probably felt sorry for me in his decision not to display himself so prominently this time (usual occupation slightly off centre to the right of bottom lip).
I don’t care. I want him gone. I have enough to deal with and I want him banished. To Verona on the big toe of the Kralahome of Siam. Or something. And the only thing that will send Bongo there is a one way ticket with Blistex Air- the airline that always takes a few days to depart because of hectic air traffic at this time of the year.

The really messed up thing is, Blistex only sells return tickets. Their prices are just that fantastic. And Bongo never could resist a magnificent deal. He is Bongo the Bargain-hunting blister. And he will be back.



  1. Lol, Mrs M. Maybe Bongo is trying to tell you to stay at home.

  2. oh he wouldn’t dream of it.
    he wants to be showed off, you know.

  3. ah, an exhibitionist blister. one of those…

  4. ja. Jy laaikit

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