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Maddy McCann’s parents were careless

It’s not that I want to be intentionally pessimistic.

I think Madeleine McCann’s parent’s were too careless. And nobody is really saying much about that fact- but it’s true. They’re educated grown-ups for heaven’s sake. It really is no longer safe, no matter where you are in the world to leave your toddler children alone for a few hours. In a foreign country. No matter how much money you’ve spent on holidaying in the most secure spot on Earth.  And I do feel for them. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have a helpless little child like that go missing, and maybe there really is no way we can prevent these things from happening, but the McCanns weren’t thinking. Not worried, really- they were checking in every now and then, after all.And someone took that opportunity and made a run for it. Maybe Maddy went off by herself but that’s highly unlikely. There’s been a lot of speculation about whether McCann’s parents should face charges here

And now what? This post is also a tribute to the hundreds of missing children in South Africa whose parents don’t have enough money for The Cape Times/Die Burger/The Star/The Sunday Times/Rapport/Beeld/Tokyo/Johann/ to sponsor a reward. To their parents. To their brothers and sisters. There’s hope.

But stumbling onto a site about the McCann saga, I couldn’t help but get even more irritated with a response to whether the McCanns should face charges. It wasn’t even about what she said. It was about how she said it:

i no i put n my age thing im 18 but i really 14 ,, u cn say im rong and everyfing bt i dnt care , the reason i did it was because i was actually fisically cryin wen i herd about maddy mccann n how u ppl can write tht the parents neglectd thher is horrible , they hav just lost there 3 nw 4 year old daughter they need people 2 b on there side helping them find that little girl and not accusin them of neglect ,, i cnt even imagine wt there goin threw n i hope no1 else has to feel that way , they were only 120 yards away and going to check on them every 1/2 half and i hope she comes back safe and sound for her 4th birthday party!!

Geeziz. Do people really talk/write like that and expect to be taken seriously?!
By the way that comment is from the same site as mentioned above. Or shd it b mntd abv? Fck



  1. Oh heavens. I could barely read what that person had written. Dmn!

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  6. To all the people defending these parents, think about this: August 2006, while my husband was at work and me home with 4, yes 4, children ages 9,5, and two toddlers (now 10 and 6, the oldest) a thunderstorm was brewing, heavy lightning, winds, etc. My two toddlers asleep in downstairs bedrooms, my other two and I watching t.v. awaiting the arrival of dad. I sent the 5 year old up to get on his pjs. He came downstairs and told me and his sister that there was sparks of fire coming out from the upstairs bedrooms. It was like in slow motion, the smoke detectors weren’t even going off yet, I started walking upstairs and saw a flame wall of fire coming down the stairs. I grabbed one of the toddlers out of his bedroom from under the stairs, yelled for the others to go outside and get help, and went to get the other toddler out of his bed. While coming back out the same way past the first toddlers bedroom, that crib was already ablaze. Now we all survived, lost everything, but survived nevertheless, and the chances of lightning striking a house are like one in what? Never looked up the stats. But nevertheless, probably not as far off as the chances of abduction.
    But what if I would have been at the neighbors? Or next door at my moms? Or even down the block eating with my husband where I couldn’t see my house, yet alone only checked every 45 minutes to an hour? Please…..Im educated, owned two businesses myself now on our third, and I know they had the common sense and the money to fork over for a babysitter but chose not to. It only takes 2 minutes to drowned, probably five minutes to get out and get ran over by a car, little time for smoke inhalation due to a fire, etc. etc. It’s not as if these parents walked outside the room and were gabbing on the patio or next door at the next villa or apartment or whatever. (which still would not have been OK, by the way) They couldnt even see the room! Now as a mother of four, I know its difficult to give up your single life to your kids but thats why you had them. I also feel for the McCanns loss and in no way do I think this is their “punishment” for what they did. Nobody, deserves that type of punishment. And I hope and pray they find that little girl soon. But, I do think these parents (both of them) should be brought up on charges of both abuse and neglect. They were all babies. Now I am Christian, but there are laws for everybodies safety and if broken you should pay the consequences. I also understand about judging others but if I did this, I should also be brought on charges as should anybody. It doesn’t make it right. Those little ones can’t speak for themselves.

  7. The whole story is so sad. I just feel sick over what has happened to that little girl. My heart does go out to the parents as well but I have to agree with the previous posts; they were neglecful. Now maybe it’s stress or denial or sleep depravation but they still don’t seem to *get it*. The father was quoted as saying their decision to go out to dinner and leave the children alone was a kin to eating on your “backyard patio”. Well, I’m no doctor but my patio is certainly not 200 yards from my house! Any number of things could have happened to those children. They are lucky that only one of them was harmed-it could have been all three children who were abducted, wandered off, burned in a fire, etc. I’m actually surprised that the parents aren’t facing any ramifications for their horrible error.

  8. My heart goes out to Maddy’s parents and siblings. They are sick with worry over their young daughter going missing. They are not to blame in this situation.

  9. i think maddys parents were not consious enough but also they were cheaking on them every half an hour. I want maddy to come home safe and sound to her family i cant imagen how much they miss her we all love you maddy. please do every thing you can to help her we all love you so much xx

  10. Gerry and Kate McCann certainly are having enough punishment and horror in their lives. There is no sense in charging them with a criminal offense. That would just make the heartache more for them and their precious twins. Nobody deserves something this terrible to happen to them. Please pray for a miracle. I hope Maddie is found or that she is in heaven but not being hurt.

  11. All very valid points. A pity other little kids that go missing the world don’t get this kind of coverage.

  12. I have read the recent circumstances of the missing six-year old Maddy McCann from the seaport village in Portugal. As an older woman, a mother of two and grandmother of five, a babysitter since I was nine years old, with a certificate in Human Services, working on a Behavior Science Degree, along with an Anthropology minor: I believe that the parents of Maddy were on vacation in their minds when they careless left their children to sleep alone, even for one minute. They were chancing the worst, and however Maddy left the room is truly their responsibility.

    My true opinion of what has occurred is that Maddy got scared when she was left alone. When she woke to find that Mom and Dad were gone, she went out the door to look for them. She walked a ways and got lost. She kept walking. I do not know how close she was to the water, however, my feeling is that she entered the sea, which ended in her demise.

    My prayers are for the soul of this beautiful little girl. The parents need to be prosecuted for their negligent behavior. This is a crime that they are trying to pass off onto the police in Portugal for “not acting fast enough” to catch the “abductor.”

    Thank you for letting me share my opinion.

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  14. I don’t know where Kate McCann gets off as saying at a German press conference that her and her husband were being responsible by “checking on the children regularly and that only a very small minority of people think they were irresponsible”. She is either seriously deluded or hasn’t been taking notice of people’s opinions from all over the world that have been widely broadcast over the internet during the last month ! If a poll was taken I’m sure she would find that it is definitely not a “minority of people” as she called it, but quite the opposite! These parents have to stop making out how so called “responsible” they were by checking on their children (who, I might add, should never have been left alone in the first place to have had to have been checked on) and face the cold hard facts once and for all that THEY are totally at fault in this situation and stop making ludicrous statements on how responsible they were! As a parent it makes my blood boil when I look at my children asleep in their beds and to wonder how another parent could willingly leave their toddlers alone in a strange place at night, only to check in on them every so often and then have the gall to state to the world how responsible they are ! We’re not talking about turning your back for a couple of minutes and having an accident happen to a young child…..we’re talking about planning an evening out and not organising for the proper care for the most precious things in your life…….your three babies. These parents need to be held accountable once and for all, possibly by the law, and stop telling the world that there’s only a minority that feel this way. Who are they trying to kid? And for those of you who don’t think that would be fair….try asking little Maddy how fair it is what has happened to her.

  15. The McCann’s were indeed irresponsible, I think. My mother wouldn’t let my brother out of her sight even for five minutes. She always stands outside when he’s playing with his friends – even he tells her he’s ok and she must go inside.
    She walks him to and from school and never leaves him alone in a restaurant. I’m sorry, but they have no excuse. I sympathise – I’m sure their hearts are aching – but they have nobody but themselves to blame…

  16. I too am sick to my stomach. If this were a black, single mother who ran next door for a loaf of bread, while her child slept, her child would be taken away and the parent charged with child endangerment. In America, it is against the law to even leave your child in a car while one takes a quick run into the store! I spoke with some officers about his here in Missoula Montana and they too felt discrimination was in the works.
    First I hear that they were 50 feet away, and then it was 120 feet away. No matter how far, they should be charged with child endangerment and abandonment!!!!!
    They went to a foreign country and left three very young children ALONE to wine and dine themselves!!!!. I guess in their country it is okay to leave children out of seeing and hearing range to go off to dinner. I’ll say this…if any parent …..ever…..has a case brought against them regarding child endangerment, child abandonment, recklessness, neglect, etc., this McCann case will, or certainly should be the one to measure what is and what is not acceptable in their home country. It will certainly be a sign of ‘prejuduce’ if ever a mother of lower income is charged for doing any less. So…the McCann’s are not charged. This is equal to saying…it is legal to go 120 feet from your children…leaving them (children under the age of 5), alone in an apartment, out of sight
    AND hearing distance. This is what they need to measure all the laws by if they let these people get away with this! What a crime! These people are able to get millions of dollars raised in no time flat because they are RICH! While hundreds of thousands of children are taken anually who’s parents have no money. Anyone else would not only be facing the devistating loss of a child, but also be hauled off to jail and have any additional children taken immediately from their care.
    I am an educated, single mother of two. I almost have my PhD. One does not need a Doctoral degree to have common sense. CHARGES SHOULD BE BROUGHT UPON THE MCCANN’S FOR CHILD ENDANGERMENT!!!! Why has this not happened???? Shame on anyone who would do it if they were not white upper class citizens!!!
    Missoula, Montana USA

  17. I Think the parents are absolutely irresponsible, I even think when you watch them giving interviews to the press etc. that they are coping TOO well with the situation….
    If I had just lost my 4 year old ( I am a mother of 4) I would never ever consider leaving my twins that are just two years old with relatives while a jet off on a private jet to see the pope !!!!!! I would never let them out of my sight . They had obviously been doing this stint every night, got away with it but didn*t realise they were being watched-poor maddy.
    Selfish parents- children pay the price.

  18. Right on Diana!

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  20. I think the McCanns were deluded. They believed their children were safe within the enclosure of an expensive holiday site. So they were careless.

  21. Blaming the parents is idiotic. The ones snatching away children are to be blamed, evidently.

    The problem is paedophile networks are protected these days by complicit and corrupted intelligence agencies such as the C.I.A.

    Prime suspects Robert Murat and Sergey Malinka bear all the traits of covert agents in such a network.

    Read on at Protection of Paedophile Networks

  22. No. Blaming the parents is NOT idiotic Thomas. I live in a country where, really you have to hide your child in your blouse if you really don’t want anything to happen to him/her- even then they might get shot in the head.
    The world is not a safe place. The sooner we stop idealising the idea that if you’re rich and can get away to a remote little place and leave your minor kids alone, the better. Where is the sense of responsibility? What if ALL the kids got snatched? What would they say then?

  23. Sadly, these parents were neglectful and very foolish. You cannot leave toddlers unattended for any reason, particularly in a foreign country. I don’t know how these parents even managed to go out and enjoy themselves knowing that they left their children alone. sadly, this will haunt them for the rest of their days. They made a poor choice and it has cost them their daughter. I hope that Maddy is brought back safe and sound. I hope a miracle arises. I also hope that people learn from this tragedy. You cannot be neglectful of your children. In the USA there are many cases in which fires break out in apartments where children have been left alone while their parents were out shopping or running errands. This case is similar. The parents left their chidlren because they wanted to go out and have a good time without the kids. That’s not a crime in itself, but leaving small children to attend for themselves is a crime.

  24. i have been looking back over cases of this sort and it seems that the parents are getting a great deal here,television,pop starrs putting up vast amounts of money,metting the pope(yeah like thats really going to help) they have stated they will stay on oin portugal till maddie is found,why not,every one is paying for it,just think of all the meals and drinks you can have oin peace now,and you dont have to keep running bck and forth to see if shes ok,i have a 3 year old son and would never as im sure most other parents leave him alone for 5 minutes,why didnt they take her with them,wasnt this a family holiday?dont they read newspapers about this sort of thing?i hope social services are keeping a close eye on this,and when all the hulla ballo of there personal publicity wagon slows down they step in and put a halt to there piri piri meals and charge them with abandonment.goin to see if shes ok every 5 minutes isnt on,and to be honest this excuse stinks,if they were doin a check all the time surely it wouldve been, as i stated easier to take the wee girl with them come on people wake up and smell the sardines

  25. Further to my last post,as far as i can see,the longer the Mcanns keep this circus going they will not be held accountable for there irresponsible actions,they know fine well that the police do not close cases like this so as they have said we will stay until there is no hope???yeah but whos paying all the poor suckers who are stupid enough to donate money to this,whos idea was it top meet the pope,the beckhams etc etc theyhave become A Listers,what a way to get your 15 minutes of fame,,let the police do there job,and the appropriate authorities do the same.little maddy could be found very soon or it might take a while or worse might never be found so what about these two do we allow them to rake it in why not just get them a time share and be done with it,on the family web site they are even selling maddy wrist bands,again WAKE up people and smell the matues rose

  26. They left their children alone, as far as I know that’s a crime and if you or I done it we would be up in court. But if you’re a heart surgeon I guess you’re above the law. It’s sad to think of all the children who’ve gone missing and who will go missing who will not get 1% of the coverage this family has got. And now they’ve got a million pound in a trust fund for leaving their kids alone?, I just find the whole thing sickenly bizare. If they are not charged with neglect then I guess we can all go and leave our kids home alone and not have to pay the price either.

  27. Dear Gerry and Kate… (the walking muppet)

    I really do sympathise for your daughter Maddy, but not in the way that you probably do. I really cannot believe that two educated parents could possibly do something so stupid like leaving three children under the age of five in a hotel room whilst you whined and dined with friends at a nearby restaurant.

    You should pray every night and thank the Lord that who ever took Maddy did not take your other children too. I do query which idiot decided on leaving the children on their own whilst you rammed your bellies full of food.

    I also cannot understand why two medical graduates did not consider the danger of three innocent children falling out of the bed onto a solid marble floor as well as the fact that they could have rolled onto eachother causing more damage to themselves.

    I really do feel for you but I cannot feel sorrow because you made a BIG BIG mistake and I only hope and pray for you and your family that Maddy will be returned to you safe and sound. I know this is hardly likely but, good luck in her return.

    PS. To all the plonkers that donated money to Maddies family so that they could stay in Portugal to continue their search for her, I have left my email for you to donate to my cause…..”How to look after children when you are on holiday”. Please donate kindly.


    Portu police saying parents might have done it!

  29. The mother of Madeleine McCann was close to tears yesterday as she dismissed suggestions that her daughter was killed in her bedroom on the night that she disappeared from the family’s holiday apartment.

    Kate McCann and her husband, Gerry, are expected to be interviewed again by detectives after reports that blood had been found in their daughter’s bedroom and evidence that it had contained a body.

    The focus of the police investigation has shifted to the couple and the British friends who were with them in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz.

  30. a friend of mine tells me

    “My feeling is that they are innocent although experts say that 80 pct of these cases end up being perpetrated by the parents themselves. You right — this is Human Drama 101.”


    rereading some of the suspicious comments above in June, wow, you guys might have beem right about the rents….

  31. How could they go off and eat knowing their kids were there alone? I wouldn’t leave my 9 year old alone and go to dinner since she is a child and MY responsibility.

    In the interviews I’ve seen of them they don’t seem like people too worried that their child is out there somewhere in the great unknown. Maybe they did have something to do with it, or maybe when one of them went back for their “responsible” hourly “or so” check they found her dead. If our daughter was missing I would have had a nervous breakdown and gone doorknocking with a gun (not flying around the World to visit the pope).

    It probably wouldn’t have been to hard to sucker a poor person into getting rid of a body then go uncaringly back to eating a fancy dinner while they got rid of the intrusion.

    I hope they are in the very least charged with child neglect and endangerment since the children were neglected and obviously endangered. How long did it take them to report her missing to the police?

  32. Blaming the Mccanns is not going to help find Maddie, they have paid the worst possible price for their actions, and iam sure it is somthing they will regret for ever. Please find maddie x

  33. what people ahve written about maddeline mcans parents are wrong. people say that they shouldnt leave toddles unattended it a matter of opinion and how on how confident you feel. its easil done leaving your children done because u dont think anything of it. having their little girl taken and abducted didnt even cross their mind at the time. they went out for a harmless meal and left their children to sleep. as far as they knew they though the apparnments were safe. they didnt know anybody was plotting anything. im sure if your a parent youl respect and understand maddies parents dont blame them. its not their fault that theirs sick twisted people out there. we all make mistakes and dont you hink her parents are going through enough right now let alone having people call them irresponsiabe and saying they neglected their child. im sure there going to regret this for the rest of their lifes and they truly deserve everybody’s support. think how you would feel if your child had been taken? you cant judge untill you go through yourself so just support dont slate.

    maddeline mccan i pray that you will have a safe return home.
    goodbless you.

    in all mighty good i hope shes safe and nobody’s hurt her.

  34. I have been following this case since it happened and I feel that the McCann’s probably don’t help themselves by their “normality”…going for a run days after it happened, being all wrapped up in their “faith”. Has their been any real desperate pleas from them? Perhaps they are in a sort of fog – sure – but somethimes the public need to see more obvious signs of emotional distress. The Lindy Chamberlain case in Australia was similar and the mother ended up being wrongly accused of killing her baby – years later it was confirmed the baby was killed by a dingo. It was thought the mother was convicted due to the public and media turning against her due to her showing no emotion. I think a lot of us as parents who have always been there for our children find it very hard to accept what the McCann’s did or in this case did not do – very sad, our children are so innocent and rely on us to be there no matter what.





  37. i think what they did by leaving the kids alone was wrong. i have 3 small childen, thre fourn and six. in this country you would be arrested for leaving childen unattended.

    but i have a funny feeling about her killing her child. the car they searched was borrowed TWENTY FIVE days after the disappearance, so how could her blood shot up there? this is perplexing. ofcourse the dogs will sniff the mother and pick up a cent of the girl, mothers and childre always have a similar scent.

    now my youngest child carries around a blanket and the other day his mouth was blleding and he sucked his thumb while holding the blanket. if god forbid he went missing, i would carry his blanket around with me because it is his favoite possessioin. that makes sense. children cut themselves and so forth.

    the only thing that would make sense is if they gave her a sedative and she accidentally od’d . that would be reckless endangerrment. (that and letting the kids stay alone.

    the real crime here is the parents leaving them alond i believe.

    if they did not bring the children on the trip none of thie would have happened

  38. some hard thinking needs to be done here, who were the people around them , in the know of their childrens sleeping arrangements, who knew they were left on their own for the evening, can the parents ascertain at what time approx she went missing, i’m no detective but surely the parents are asking themselves these questions. i hope maddy is found safe an sound.

  39. I am Portuguese married to an Englisman and have 5 grown up children. I am very confused why they left their kids alone in a foreign country when money was no problem. Unless they were planing something sinister. Whatever happens they should be charged with child neglet. Unfortunatly the British people are too consumed and blinded by their ordeal. One thing is Maddie is the only one that suffered.

  40. I am a born again Christian as well and I don’t have a right to judge these parents of Maddy but I do have an opinion… I watched them on t.v. from the beginning of her disappearance and I have never seen Maddy’s parents (especially her Mother Kate) shed one tear when they were one television talking about finding their daughter.
    I am a mother of 3 and if one of them went missing, I would be in tears… It seems everytime I see them on t.v., they don’t look so sad or brokenhearted. I am leaning towards the fact that maybe they did have something to do with her disappearance. Also what kind of parents would leave their “babies” alone? Aren’t they both Doctors??? C’mon, they gotta be smart right?
    And lastly, what’s up with that girl with the funky language/typing skills? I got a slight headache trying to read that crap she wrote….

  41. Would a working class family who left their children unattended be met with as much sympathy?

  42. They are not getting as much sympathy now the media are splashing the aguida story about. Theres an article here ( about the PR and press behind it all which is quite chilling and was quite an eye opener for me

  43. I think they killed her. I always thought that.
    Otherwise it wouldn’t be only Maddy missing.If it was a child abductor then he/she would take all children and not just M.

    What kind of parents leave their little kids alone and go for a dinner?

    And then a whole campaign and travelling around Europe to talk about Maddy by leaving their other children.

    It indeed looks as if they killed her and then made incredible fuss about it so that nobody would become suspicious over the two of them.

    Also, look at Kate. Before being interviewed as an suspect she was cold as a stone and she never really, honestly cried. She never looked devastated.
    Only now u see something on her face but I see only fear and not a sorrow for hers daughter who is btw the prettiest child I’ve seen in a long time.

    They both look like cold blood murderers to me and they always did.

    I only don’t understand why the police is convinced it was Kate and they are so focused om her?
    When looking in the two of them, I picture Gary as the killer and who as a protector of him…
    He looks incredibly cold and even these days……

    Maybe the police knows something we don’t know or maybe they are simply playing on Kate to break down and admitt for he for sure doesn’t look like a person one could make speak…

  44. correction: “…and HER as s protector of him…”

  45. Interesting observation M, thank you for your thoughts. Did you hear Richard Branson is setting up a legal fund for them now?

  46. Intrsting tht the illtrat manijd 2 spel “daughter” corctly isnt it ppl?

  47. MYA, whether you’re a born- again Christian or not is completely irrelevant. You judge Maddy’s mother because she isn’t behaving according to YOUR expectations. You don’t know if she cries behind closed doors, do you? She probably does.

    I strongly suggest that you read about Lindy Chamberlain, who, in 1980, lost a 10 week old baby under horrific ccircumstances, and was judged by ignorant people because she mantained a stoic facade under the fierce glare of public curiousity. Not once did she ever show emotion in public, and for that reason was condemned and damned by the ghouls who thought she had to conduct herself as they saw fit- ie, blubber and howl, rend her garments and shriek like a banshee. Had she done so, th epublic would have synmpathised. She did NOT behave as they wished, and therefore was “demonised”.

    She was the wife of a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, and rumours went around that she was a religious nut who had sacrificed her daughter. She did years in jail for a crime which never happened, poor woman. Now I see in the news that Lindy is offering her support to the McCanns, and no wonder! After her ordeal, she would naturally empathise with parents undergoing a similar trauma.

    Until Maddy is found dead or alive, we are in no pisition to judge one way or another.

  48. Britain’s focus on this case is itself news in the US. You’re as caught up in the story as we in the US were a few years ago when another set of parents engaged in a huge media campaign when their beautiful little daughter was found dead in their home. (JonBenet Ramsey.) That set of parents did sob in public. And yet…I’ve read that it is now thought that they probably were involved in her death.
    I thought the Ramseys were guilty after I’d seen them several times on TV, and after I watched a video of the McCanns, I think they, too, probably have had something to do with their daughter’s disappearance. In both cases, it isn’t tears or the lack of tears that bothers me. I’m a mom and I’m not a crier, or not in public, anyway. Tears themselves don’t mean much. It’s the total context that matters. There’s something about the level of drama, the slightly too-loud ‘look at me’ noise level…hard to explain, but something feels off with the McCanns. I hope that I’m mistaken.

  49. these people should face some kind of charges….

  50. these people should face some kind of charges….WHO F does that to a little kid anyway!!!!!!! leave a 3 or 4 yr old to watch their little younger brothers and sisters????oh my god!!!!!!! they need to have child neglect……..endangerment or even murder charges brought against them. i have no pity for them….they brought it all on themselves…didn’t they???what a bunch of f’n a’holes…… one in their right minds would leave a child that young in charge of someone else…..and they are supposed to be these high classed doctors who know all kinds of @#$%? give me a break!!!! these people are guilty as hell and if you don’t wanna print this…….who cares?????i got it off of my mind and i feel better…see you all in hell mccannns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for little maddy of course….but you did that …didn’t you ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Just because a person is a doctor doesn’t mean that they’re good at parenting, which is one of the toughest jobs on earth.

    In my experiences as a police officer, I came to realise that academic education is not necessarily linked with commonsense or compassion. Some of the most uneducated people made the best parents, and vice versa.

    One of the most appalling cases of child neglect and cruelty was committed by a new-born baby’s parents, both of whom had PhDs. They were smart when it came to doing theses, but hopelessly inadequate in caring for a baby. It interfered with their life,so they just let it starve to death. Just how anyone can live in a house with a baby screaming to be fed is an enduring mystery- perhaps they turned up the stereo.

    Let’s hold off sitting in judgment until we know more facts.

  52. Hey,
    Ya know I think she woke in the night went looking for her mom and dad, got lost and then maybe drown in the ocean. I know it sounds so sad but think about it ,4 years old, in a strange place, awake to find mom and dad not there. I think the parents will always be punished everyday for the decision they made to leave them alone while they went to eat dinner / I mean.. they are doctors,!!they could’ve afforded a babysitter to bring along with on their trip. People do that all the time for those exact reasons. oh well, thanks for reading!

  53. There is no court in the world, no sentence in the world for child neglect that can punish these parents for the mistake they made. The punishment they are now enduring is worse then any court can sentence parents to for neglect. The what ifs, should of, would of, could ofs these parents live everyday is more punishment then they would get from a court. I do believe that they realize, with every waking moment, what they did wrong. I doubt there is a court in the world that would or could sentence these parents for neglect. They live with and will live with their mistake till Maddy is found and or the rest of their lives.

  54. I live in a country (USA) where people DO NOT leave their children unless they want the wellfare to take them. (Tough they are caught everyday doing it) Even if it were not the for the wellfare I still would NEVER leave my children unattended in a house not even to hang clothes out to dry. For one reason when they were born I took on the responsibility to protect them at any cost. Especially in a land you are unfamiliar with. The McCann’s may have been doctors, but they sure don’t having the material for being good parents. All they were thinking about were themselves. Now even if they didn’t have anything to do with her vanishing they will have the burden to carry for the rest of their lives & frankly they deserve to be weighted down by it. WHY did they take the children if they had plans of partying with the other parties? I think there was some really lucky children that didn’t met the same dimise.I would give anyting if she were found alive but I alone with the owrld doesn’t believe all thei time it will be possible.
    Maddy Rest In Peace, You Are An Angel!!!!!

  55. A friend here in the USA made the mistake of leaving her 3 year old in the living room of her apartment, with a teenaged babysitter in an upstairs bedroom, as she visited a neighbor one morning. Within 15 minutes of leaving her apartment, the entire downstairs was ablaze, the teenaged babysitter escaped from a bedroom window, unable to rescue her child.

  56. Watching over the Maddy case, I believe Gerry was the culprit. At the start, Kate and Gerry knew the procedure and gave the children a slight overdose hoping that they would sleep whilst they were out. When Gerry checked on the children, Maddy must of overdosed and from that he panicked and contacted SoMeBoDy…probably Robert (the guy the poilce suspect) and he disposed of the body. When Gerry returned to the meal, he knew Maddy was dead and carried on eating so that when Kate went to check on the children, she would look more innocent when crying out that Maddy was missing. Gerry is defineltley sneaky (as we can all see). He’s hiding something and thats why he has been directing Kate all along. He is manipulating towards her and because she is still in shock and knowing that she played a part in the overdose she is just going along with everything that Gerry is stating.

    This whole thing to me seems like a tragic accident and only the people who ate with Gerry can confirm my suspicions by checking how Gerry was reacting when he returned to the table and continued eating his kebab.

  57. I will never in my wildest dreams understand how the McCaans could possibly have ever thought it was okay to leave those 3 babies alone while they went out dining and drinking. I see the stupidity of their remarks, that they checked in the babies every 30 minutes or so…it only takes moments to grab a child and run. And to read that they gave these innocents medication to make them sleep? I am so disgusted by the actions of those two professionals….they are wealthy..they could have hired a professional sitter…a bodyguard, whatever it took if their going out to eat and drink with friends was so damned important. Yes I am angry at those 2 people. I can’t say what has happened to that baby….and yes at 3-4 you are still a baby…I don’t know if the parents killed her with their medicating her or if indeed she was taken by some lowlife. That could be possible but it should never have happened. And yes, if it was a couple of just ordinary people, they wouldn’t have the media coverage or the money being donated. I know first hand what a pedophile is capable of…for those of you who don’t look up AmySue Seitz…a little 2 year old who lost her life from one of those monsters. But we all know the story of Susan Smith…so it isn’t always a pedophile or an outsider…I hope to God that Mddy isn’t or hasn’t been hurt physically..or that the unthinkable has happened. But the McCaans brought this on themselves..selfish people….where are the charges against them for neglect? And child endangerment for medicating babies so they can go out and leave them alone?

  58. Gerry and Kate should be charged for neglect and the above statement is true. If it was a family on benefits, they would of had the twins took of them and they would of been charged. It is obviously one rule for the rich and one rule for the ‘underclass’.

  59. Too late to close the door , the horse has bolted. No point in going on with what should have been done as it has been done. Let’s just pray for Maddy’s safe return UNHARMED so that a line can be drawn on this awful event. My six year old can’t pass a picture but she shouts “Mummy there’s Maddy!” Perhaps with the worldwide media we have ALL learned a very severe lesson let alone Kate and Gerry. Let’s stop blaming regardless and try to get an end to this. I personally had never left my only child, but it certainly impacted on me how serious a situation can turn. Gerry and Kate I sympathise with you, for to lose a child is dreadful and I do hope sincerely this nightmare will end soon.

  60. Oh, how I agree with all those saying as to how Gerry & Kate ought to be charged with neglect. How could they enjoy a meal with the children out of site, knowing noone was there looking after them. Whilst saddened for Maddie I have no sympathy for the parents, they ought to be charged with neglect & the twins taken from them. Which is what would happen to other parents & rightly so.

  61. Dear God, creator of all the world,
    We don’t know where little Maddy is, and we know she must been so scared now. Please keep her safe, and comfort her and her family. I hope please bring little Maddy back home where she belongs. Sweet Maddy, our prayers goes out for you!! Please come home soon!

  62. What should/should not happen to the Maddy McCann’s parents is a difficult question to answer. I believe that no parent should leave their child unattended when going out. My mother would have never left me home alone at such a young age, let alone a public hotel. I believe that when you do this, you are just asking for something terrible to happen. But I’m also not sure I believe that the parents should have criminal charges brought against them.

    Despite whether you believe something is or is not right in your book of parenting, doesn’t mean that a jury of your peers will feel the same way. I have a friend that has 3 children, all under the age of 5. She and her husband will attend a get together across the street with other parents while their children are sleeping. The have their baby monitors with them, so they can hear everything that is going on. Does that make them terrible people? No, as a matter of fact, they are two of the best parents I know. So just because some might classify their actions as neglect, does that mean they should loose their children?

    And if the McCann’s do have their kids taken away, we all know that they will more than likey end up in a worse place then home. Children’s services is a joke in this world. There are too many children and not enough loving homes to go around. Unless other family members would be willing to take custody of them, then it’s a lossing battle. Not to mention, having children taken away from parents on charges of neglect would have to have some type of patterns attached to it. The case would fall through other wise.

    In the end, I think we can all agree this is not just a one sided issue. A little girl is missing, maybe deceased and we have two parents who will be scared for life because they lost their little girl. If you ask me, no punishment that the law can bring upon you is worse then that.

  63. i think anyone that blames maddies parents for her disapperance is sad.dont you think its hard enough to not only live knowing tat your baby girl has been taking away from you and could b being harmed at this very moment as you read this but to also get blamed for her disapperance.. she is out there somewhere scared and we should b on gerry and kates side to help them both get through it not making it harder for them i support them both in very way and not one day goes by tat i dont think of maddie she is in my thoughts
    i jus wish she came home


  64. Why do people even capture little kids like that? It’s just wrong. They know they’re going to jail! So what’s the point if they know they’re going to get caught?!?

    And I can bearly even read what that person was saying! I can’t even look at them without saying, “idiots”. They left their child alone! They were just asking for something bad to happen. I would never take a chance like that.

  65. I just hope she gets home.

    I can’t even imagine being kidnapped. Don’t think about what the parents are going through, think about what Maddy is going through! I hope she hasn’t been killed. And she was pretty, too.

  66. I really hope everyday, when I watch the news.. That they would tell that little Maddy is found.
    But no. The change of finding her alive gets smaler and smaler everyday.
    I think this this is terrible time for parents.. I mean they must really blame theme selves for this. But in the way it was they´re foult but.. Everyone makes misstakes we’re all human.
    I send all my best for the parents. Don’t give up.
    The one who did this will have to pay for what she/he’s done. And it will hapend. In a way or another… they will pay. This is for the kidnapper PLEASE LET HER GO. AND ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHERE SHE IS PLEASE SHES JUST A CHILD.

  67. I think the truth was that Kate and Gerry wer out for a meal nd madeline was kidnapped from her own apartment hopefully she’ll return back and be well

    lots of love Roisin XxX

  68. I have been reading all the comments, and can appreciate how people might think the parents should be charged. But when you look at the whole situation, there are two other children involved in this – the McCann’s twins. Surely charging the parents in this very sad sitation, will only make things worse for the whole family. I’m very sure the McCanns have learnt their lesson, and I know that’s no reason alone not to charge them, but if this leaves them locked up that will further cause distress to their other children…

  69. If this had been a normal working class family in UK they would be punished by social services and because the parents are supposedly clever they have been very careless.If we went to that gp she would of got our children into care and opted us to social services and ourt children taken away,just proves that clver isnt clever like our government whohave allowed too many immigrants into the country.Wheres the brains?? People who are normal educated have more common sense in this world.

  70. heya =) ryt kt & gerry r innistint in oll diz cuz uno wen it cme oot dat maddeline asked her mum kate y ddnt she cum & in wen she waz cryn lst nyt` summit lyk dat nywy well lyk uno lyk ….ages ago police drew up a guy ryt gt a frend ov the family tae c if it was that man she saw waslking alone in the beach well it wudave bn dat guy cuz he new exactly ware tae go & which rm hu she was etc well dat guy tk that oot bwt K&G cuz hes gt her!! & tae mke them lk bad in oll diz
    bt if u c a suspiscious man arund wae a wee gal call :

  71. so soz prezed sumbit comment by accid

    08458384699 = call annoynomously if u want just plz call thb & get wee maddeline bk tae her parents once & 4 oll
    she myt not ave blonde hair myt b anuva colur ,, ave a hat on…sunglasses wateva cuz fact is if u c a wee gal wae a man lks nae tae shure wat hes doing then plz call the numba abve nw !! b4 itz tae l8
    if uno a man he stys in a house in ure neigbourd ryt & he hasnt b cmn oot 4 a year ,,do us olll a favour theyr call the police y bcuz chances r that man will b armed & chances r hes potencialy dangerous & if u want tae risk u aswell as maddelines life then go in by ureself waeoot nybdy but i wudnt sugest dat !!
    plz call i mean hw wud u feel if it wer ure daughter ,, neice,, grndaughter,,etc soo dnt blame urself blame that man,, day by day is passsed she is still nt found but wen she gets older shell soon relize wat a sik lowlife man u really r 4 tkn her away fae her parentz!!!!!

    fae catherine age 14


  72. I am not very good with English but I find this real easygoing to interpret.

  73. howdy – your stylesheet isn’t working out or it could just be my particular computer or access. thanks a lot.

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