Posted by: madamm | May 15, 2007

grit your teeth

Everyone makes mistakes. Some are just better at it than others. The kinds of mistakes I find absolutely inexcusable are not those made by doctors/journalists or lawyers (though many would argue with me on those points as well) but rather the ludicrous and insane grammatical and spelling errors I find in letters from businessmen and women. To me, this is the first sign that maybe Mr so and so was right to complain about you, you don’t even know how to spell. (I know, how objective) One, maybe two mistakes, okay- so you didn’t like English in high school, but just read the following and tell me if it wouldn’t make you just a teensy bit irate:
“We’re proud in being the biggest…”(sic)
“As we know, nothing good is ever said of what we do…”(sic)
“We are a specialized company our installers are trained to bring comfort and ensure that the product can entertain value and comfort…”(sic)
“We strive to meet every ones requirements…”(sic)
We accept for not to be Multichoice-accredited…”(sic)
“No where are companies that don’t experience this…”(sic)

And she calls herself a managing director. It looks like she took a few verbs and threw them together to give me this rather messy stew. I can’t believe she’s running a semi-functional business!



  1. Oh this is classic!

  2. indeedy do

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