Posted by: madamm | May 15, 2007

An afternoon with Ainsley, Jamie and the Avo people

Does anyone remember the Maalox ad?
“Longoustines wiith extra peri-peri…”

Well today I was the cement mixer. My friend Jane will be pleased to know that this afternoon I enjoyed a suprisingly delightful chat with people in the SA food industry- we were talking about avocados. Aside from the fact that it rhymes with (Nelly) Furtado, (Lamborghini) Gallardo and (Toyota) Prado…Avocado’s are extremely versatile. There I was thinking my cold most certainly would not be entertaining any of the creations served, but I was mistaken.

I ate no less than ten different types of dishes. All made with avocado. There I was, squeezed in between the Ainsley Harriots and the Jamie Olivers of Cape Town. The conversation was…interesting. “Oe, ek het ‘n gorgeous pot in Kenia gekoop…maar Frankryk…sug…”
“Ja, maar weet jy Ansie, iemand het op Montagu se bazaar verlede jaar my gunsteling koperpot gesteel…my hart is stukkend…ai”

And so it went. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies were suprisingly engaging, and could talk for hours about their trips to Zim, or their children baking (hard) scones and selling it on the street corner to people under the pretext that it was in aid of their “very old”church. They made R158. Cute.

I ate Avo Maki in Tempura Butter, Avo, Vodka and Cucumber Soup/ Avo with Canneloni, Avo Bubbles with Tamarind, Frozen Avocado Martini, Avo and Cabbage Parcels,Avo Burger and Avo Cheescake.

If I ever needed a variation on good ‘ol Avo on Toast, this was it. I was completely stuffed. And it was wonderful. After I had dipped my Avo and Salmon sandwich in some soy sauce and ginger (Ainsley, Emsie and Jamie marvelled at my ability with chopsticks!), my senses were completely restored. I mean, I could taste what I was eating! So not only did I thoroughly enjoy this culinary experience, it also helped with my cold (though still experiencing some involuntary coughing).
So if anyone needs a recipe or two (jane)…feel free to let me know…I also have a few (incredibly ripe) avos for anyone for anyone who’s interested.



  1. I never get to go on cool avo do’s! You soema make a person hungry.

  2. I never get to go either, which is why I just said okay, when they called to hear why I didn’t rsvp.

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