Posted by: madamm | May 14, 2007

My day off

I just didn’t have the energy to get up today. I had a headache from hell and had to keep the snot from dripping onto my pillow every five seconds (I didn’t want to dip my face into it two minutes later!) So, yes. Even though I thought it showed that I had been really busy lately (my husband claims there are no links between the two!), having a cold majorly sucks.
So I didn’t do anything worth blogging about today (though many would argue sleeping all day sounds idyllic) and only emerged from my do-not-disturb status after 7de laan ( I am so never going to watch again!)
It didn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking about stuff- like how I was going to write a letter for my R400 speeding fine and maybe try to get something about eNaTiS in there.
Other things I dreamt/thought about were some people I hadn’t seen since 2005 who were not invited to my wedding. Curious that.
And I also dreamt that I was writing a book. A children’s book actually. For my daughter. Yes, a few hours after mother’s day, the energy one’s brain uses nocturnally decides to remind me that I might want children some day. I found the sensations I had curiously satifsying and even thought it for a bit after that.

And then I watched TV for a while. After having read about MTN/Virgin Mobile’s ad campaigns (and how they want to speak to us) I couldn’t help but notice that there are still some really iffy ads on our television screens. I mean, I’m not saying they don’t help with soap scum, but the Easy off Bang/Harpic/Mr Muscle ads are so so incredibly lame. But an ad that really speaks to me is one that’s incredibly well thought out and clever. Like higher grade clever- either that, or they have to use a song from the 80s to get me to listen…but this ” Hey Bob, are you the toilet-cleaning guy?” is almost irritating. Beanie says she loves Samsung’s ads. The “imagine” slogan really speaks to her. Personally I like the long term insurance ads like Sanlam/Investec or Allan Gray.
Then again different products, different approach, i assume- but can’t they make the cleaning products look less cheap/fake?

My thoughts for the day, not terribly insightful or anything but there really wasn’t much to stimulate me except the smell of pizza (that I couldn’t even taste!).



  1. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Shame Mrs M. We missed you. Life is so boring without the regular updates. Hope you managed to plug it and are heading in here today.

  3. Thank you Louisa- I feel a little better today. I mean, I had to go to my doctor and breathe without coughing into his stethoscope (spelling?!) first…but ja. Im fine.
    I am here today, my dear tobes…

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