Posted by: madamm | May 13, 2007

A cold Sunday (Times) blues

Oh my dripping nose…
Sitting here in the starkest office you can imagine- feeling like I’ve just climbed ten Lion’s Head(s) (?) okay whatever- I have a cold.
I always think of a cold as a sign that my body is taking some strain. That my immune system has given up- and that I need to rest. It’s always comforting when I get a cold, because it means I’ve been working hard/stressing and working hard some more. I’ve had to ask myself about priorities, and am taking some time to reflect on that.

This coming week better be better than last- geeziz May is whizzing past huh? Also I’ve decided not to visit David Bullard’s blog. Ever. He just launched it today. Hooray for him. Oh and Fred Khumalo…you’re not fooling anybody by acting like you don’t read your own newspaper (re the piece about not knowing what a damn blog is!) come the fack on, dude.



  1. yes, i do read my newspaper, the Sunday Times. But until the whole hullabaloo started by bullard, i didn’t know how to use a blog. Have never had to. Please go back to your primary school teacher and reclaim your school fees – they didn’t teach you how to read. duh!

  2. I told her I didn’t know who Silwane was. Worst of all, I didn’t really know what a blog was. I knew it had something to do with cyberspace

    From “Initiated into the Blogosphere” by Fred Khumalo (ST 13/05)

    I’m sure ms. Dolly was did something right.

  3. well, you’d think one of the most admired columnists in SA would be on top of the media world… somebody please tell fred about vlogs, podcasts, wikipedia, myspace & youtube!

    or maybe you shouldn’t. maybe fred should stick to good old-fashioned books. i like his anyway.

  4. Sorry Fred, you’ve lost this round. Mrs M is entirely correct in that your newspaper carried a full-on explanatory article about blogging which you profess to know nothing about.
    If, however, you mean us to believe that Mrs M misunderstood what you were saying, you’d have to say that many of us misunderstood too.
    You went on (at length) about your lack of knowledge about blogging and it’s clear in many paragraphs of your copy that you want us to know you don’t know about this phenomenon – not just the physical act of reading/writing blogs.
    If you didn’t know this: you’re talking to a bunch of journalists who read between, over and under the lines. And if you’re going to throw down a gauntlet prepare for that which follows.

  5. Oh, and infantile comments such as the last line of your post indicates the very mentality your colleague, Mr Bullard, accused bloggers of…

  6. Freddy…
    Initiation isn’t fun is it?

  7. […] ask ms. Dolly (my primary school teacher) for my money back because I can’t read.He said it here. When I wrote that he wasn’t fooling anybody by acting like he doesn’t read his own […]

  8. […] the way David did, irk them a little with infantile comments. No doubt the whole point of him doing this  on MrsM’s blog is to get feedback and write about it in his column, as esteemed colleague […]

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